Philipp Gast (AIP)

Pre-stellar core formation in supernova remnant-cloud interactions
When Apr 12, 2018 from 02:30 PM to 03:30 PM
  • Colloquium
Where SH Lecture Hall
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In the classical picture of star formation starless cloud cores evolve via self-gravitating pre-stellar cores into "Class 0" objects on the relatively long (ambipolar) diffusion timescale. In recent years a more dynamical picture emerged in which shocks play a significant role in creating the primary density compressions. A shocked cloudlet initially close to gravitational instability may then trigger collapse. Here, we investigate whether the strong shock of a supernova remnant can induce the formation of pre-stellar cores in more diffuse interstellar clouds which are far from collapsing under their own weight. For this purpose we perform a set of high-resolution, 3D MHD simulations including self-gravity, a small chemical network and anisotropic heat conduction.

We find that, although high-density aggregations are achieved, no stable (gravitationally bound) cores are formed. This seems to indicate that either a further compaction process is necessary to form pre-stellar cores or ambipolar diffusion being an important process as well.