Sladjana Nikolic (MPIA Heidelberg)

Supernova in 3D: VIMOS IFU observations of SN 1006
When Apr 05, 2012 from 02:00 PM to 03:00 PM
  • Colloquium
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We present three-dimensional spatial-spectral mapping of the fast Balmer-dominated shocks surrounding the northwestern rim of the remnant of supernova (SN) 1006.
We combine high spatial and spectral resolution to show that the physical characteristics of the shocks exhibit a strong spatial variation across different locations.
Using models which do not take cosmic ray physics into account, we compute shock velocities and electron-to-proton temperature ratios
based on observations of narrow and broad Halpha emission. Additionally, we are able to detect non-Gaussianity in the broad Halpha lines.
Taken together, our results point to the presence of a population of non-thermal protons associated with the Balmer-dominated shocks, which we identify as low-energy (~10--100 keV) hadronic cosmic rays.