Timo Reinhold (Goettingen/MPS)
Rotation and differential rotation of stars in the Kepler field
Jorge Federico Gonzalez (Conicet, Argentina)
The role of stellar multiplicity for the development of chemical anomalies in HgMn stars
Areg Mickaelian (Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory (BAO), Armenia)
Search and Studies of Active Galaxies in the Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory
Jan-Pieter Paardkooper (MPE Garching)
The sources of cosmic reionisation
Edward Macaulay (University of Oxford)
Surprising Results from Peculiar Velocities
Achim Brauer (GFZ - Potsdam)
The influence of the Sun on Earth’s climate: what can we learn from lake mud?
Jeremy Walsh (ESO)
NGC 5128 as a nearby template for the star formation history in early-type galaxies
Andrea Kunder (AIP)
Galactic Bulge Kinematics from the Bulge Radial Velocity Assay (BRAVA)
James Binney (Oxford)
Extracting Science from Surveys of our Galaxy
Pavel Kroupa (Bonn)
The vast polar structures around the Milky Way and Andromeda, and the implications thereof for fundamental physics
Eiichiro Komatsu (MPA)
Critical Tests of Theory of the Early Universe using the Cosmic Microwave Background
Re'em Sari (Jerusalem)
Supernovae Shock breakout and Low Luminosity Gamma Ray Bursts
Maria-Rosa Cioni (AIP)
Status of the VMC survey and Proper Motion of the Magellanic Clouds
Radek Wojtak
Phase-space shapes of the virialised cosmic structures
Andreas Faltenbacher (University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg)
Modelling the HI Correlation Function - an Abundance Matching Approach
Else Starkenburg (University of Victoria, Canada)
Galactic archaeology to its limits - Understanding the most pristine stars
Alexander Warmuth (AIP)
Constraining energy release and particle acceleration in solar (and stellar) flares with hard X-ray observations
Mercedes Richards (Penn State, USA)
3D Images of Astrophysical Gas Flows in Interacting Binary Star Systems
Emre Isik (Istanbul)
Modelling magnetic flux transport in the Sun and active cool stars
Sasha Kashlinsky (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)
Probing the cosmic infrared background from first stars with gamma-ray absorption at high z
Christoph Kuckein (AIP)
Near-infrared spectropolarimetry of solar filaments
Will Saunders, Australian Astronomical Observatory (AAO)
AESOP and the AAO Instrumentation Program: Technology for large scale surveys
Ansgar Reiners (Göttingen)
Advances at the cool end of the Main Sequence: Dynamos and Exo-Earths
Alejandro Benítez Llambay (IATE Córdoba)
Imprint of Reionization on the Star Formation Histories of Dwarf Galaxies
Umberto Maio (Trieste)
Exploring the Cosmic Dawn
Matthias Mallonn (AIP)
Spectroscopic characterization of extrasolar planets
Helene Courtois (University of Lyon France and University of Hawaii USA)
Cosmic Flows give CLUES as to where is the dark matter in the Universe
Alex Markowitz (Univ. of California, San Diego; Karl Remeis Sternwarte & ECAP)
First X-ray-Based Statistical Tests for Clumpy-Torus Models: Eclipse Events from X-ray Monitoring of Seyfert AGN
Marie Martig (MPIA, Heidelberg)
Formation histories of spiral galaxies
Ralph Neuhäuser (Astrophysikalisches Institut und Universitäts-Sternwarte Jena)
The C-14 event in AD 774/5 - supernova, gamma-ray burst or solar activity?
Pavol Schwartz (Astronomical Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences)
Non-LTE modelling of the prominence fine structure using hydrogen Lyman line profiles
Rafael Rebolo (Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias, Tenerife, España)
Free-floating super-Jupiters: from star clusters to the solar neighbourhood
Marica Valentini (AIP)
The joint action of asteroseismology and spectroscopy of Red Giants in the characterization of the Galactic disk.
Grzegorz Kowal
Fast magnetic reconnection in turbulent media
Torsten Boehm (CNRS - Université de Toulouse)
Rotation, activity and stellar oscillations in Vega? - Illustrating the power of high resolution stellar spectroscopy and velocimetry
The concept of the Jambogun was announced at the last Institute's Conference and the Internal Scientific Committee (ISC) has taken on the organization of this event.
Lars Koesterke (Univ. of Texas Austin)
The Astronomer's workplace is changing. Why should I care?
Antonino Lanza (INAF, Catania Astrophysical Observatory)
Interactions between late-type stars and close-in planets
Alexander Grossman (HTWK Leipzig)
New Perspectives in Scientific Publishing
Leibniz Graduate School for Quantitative Spectroscopy in Astrophysics
We will present the concept of the Leibniz Graduate School and the PhD students will introduce their projects.
Marco Limongi (INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Roma)
Presupernova evolution, explosion and nucleosynthesis of rotating massive stars at various metallicities
Daniel Ceverino (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid)
The role of cold flow accretion in Galaxy Formation
Klaus Dolag (MPA)
The Magneticum Pathfinder Simulations
2nd AIP Jamboree (ISC)
The concept of the Jambogun was announced at the last Institute's Conference and the Internal Scientific Committee (ISC) has taken on the organization of this event.
Jörg Weingrill (AIP)
Ages of Open Clusters with STELLA
Enn Saar (Tartu Observatory)
Measuring clustering in the galaxy distribution
Robert Nikutta (PUC, Santiago)
The Weather around Active Galactic Nuclei - From X-rays to IR
Karin Muglach (Goddard Space Flight Center)
Properties of Coronal Hole Jets and Outflows as Observed With SDO and Hinode
Kevin Croxall (Ohio State)
Oxygen in the Local Universe: Error and Uncertainty in Abundances
Alexis Rouillard (CNRS, IRAP, Toulouse, France)
Probing the origin of solar energetic particles using combined remote sensing and in-situ measurements
Tim Brown (Las Cumbres Observatory)
Dancing with the Stars: How Do They Spin the Way They Do?
3rd AIP Jamboree
The concept of the Jambogun was announced at the Institute's Conference and the Internal Scientific Committee (ISC) has taken on the organization of this event.
Francisco Kitaura (AIP)
Modelling and inferring the cosmological large-scale structure from galaxy redshift surveys
Thiago Junqueira (AIP)
Disk resonances and a new method for estimating the pattern speed of the MW spiral arms
George Kordopatis (AIP)
Galactic archaeology: latest observational results on the Milky Way formation mechanisms
Jenny Sorce (AIP)
Cosmic Flows observations give us CLUES to the formation of the Local Universe
Yori Fournier (AIP)
A universal relation for a compressible model of rising flux tubes in low mass stars.
E-Science (AIP)
Research Environments, Data Publication and the Virtual Observatory
Fabio Iocco (Instituto de Fisica Teorica, IFT)
The dark matter profile of the Milky Way
Paul Jorden / Pierre Chazan
e2v: CCD and CMOS technology developments for astronomical sensors
Alexander Kashlinsky (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)
The near-IR cosmic background from first stars: from Spitzer to Euclid and JWST
Tim Brown (Las Cumbres Observatory)
Las Cumbres Observatory: The Network Comes Alive!
Henry Aurass (AIP)
Particle acceleration sites during solar eruptive processes
Mickael Rigault (HU Berlin)
Environmental dependencies in Type Ia supernova luminosity, and their consequences on cosmological measurements
Carolina von Essen (SAC Aarhus, Denmark)
Exoplanet characterization using ground-based observations
Richard McDermid (Macquarie University / Australian Astronomical Observatory, Sydney, Australia)
Star Formation Histories and varying IMF of Early-Type Galaxies from Atlas3D
Wojciech Hellwing (Durham)
Probing the nature of Dark Matter and Dark Energy: from the Local Group to the Local Universe
Andreas Korn
M67: the birth cluster of the Sun?
Brad Gibson (UCLAN)
Building Spiral Galaxies with Supercomputers
Joe Silk (IAP, JHU and Oxford)
The Challenge of Galaxy Formation
Bruno Henriques (MPA)
Galaxy formation in the Planck Cosmology - Matching the observed evolution of star-formation rates, colours and stellar masses
Alessandro Lanzafame (Dipartimento di Fisica e Astronomia, Università di Catania, Italy)
Gaia-ESO survey science validation: first results on young open clusters
Antonio Garcia Munoz (ESA)
Radiative transfer in planetary atmospheres: A Pre-Conditioned Backward Monte Carlo algorithm
Sami Dib (Niels Bohr Institute, Denmark)
The Milky Stellar Clusters meet statistics: Evidence for a non-universal IMF
Gabriel Bihain (AIP)
Mid-infrared search for substellar companions to Barnard's Star
The talk will be rescheduled for a later date.
Hitoshi Hanami
Unveiling Dusty Star Formation and AGN Activities in high-z LIRGs
Claudia Conrad (AIP)
Open Cluster Groups and Complexes
Who does what?
Kai Polsterer (Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies)
Machine Learning in Astronomy - small lessons learned from learning machines
Georges Meynet (Geneva Observatory, Switzerland)
The first generations of stars in the Universe