Subunits of Technical Section

Credit: Michael Schwarzenberger from Pixabay.

Technical Section provides the instrumental prerequisites for astronomical research and technology transfer. The main field of application is the development, construction and test of earth-bound focal instruments as well as robotic telescopes. In addition to the institute's participation in the construction of large telescopes and instruments such as the Large Binocular Telescope (PEPSI, AGW, ARGOS) and the Very Large Telescope (MUSE) or the largest solar telescope in Europe (GREGOR), the maintenance and improvement of instruments already in use (PMAS, STELLA, BMK10k) is also part of the work of Technical Section. The section is also responsible for the maintenance of historical instruments (Potsdam Great Refractor).

Subunits of Technical Section

The four subunits of Technical Section jointly implement instrumentation projects of the institute.

Technical Section is organised in four subunits. For the realisation of instrumentation projects, the employees work together in interdisciplinary teams with complementary competences:

In addition to support services for the scientific section, Technical Section offers an apprenticeship training program.

Last update: 5. September 2021