Using AIP-EMP with Android

Notes: In order to use AIP-EMP, you need a Windows-Account. In case you are required to change your password, connecting is not possible until you changed it.
This documentation general and required your device to support WPA2-Enterprise encryption.

Open the Settings on your Android Device and tap on the point Wireless LAN. If needed, enable the Wireless LAN Interface. Your Device will search for available Wireless-LAN Networks. Tap on "AIP-EMP" in the list - a dialogue will open.

If not filled in automatically, choose "MSCHAPv2" for "Phase 2-Authentication". Enter your Windows-Username for "Identity" and "anonymous identity". Under Password fill in your Windows Password. Now tap on Connect - the window will close and show the Wireless-Lan Networks list.

Below the Network AIP-EMP you'll see, that the device connects to the wireless lan and retreives an IP-Address. This process may take a moment - if it's successfull, your device will show "Connected".


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