Ekaterina Ilin

After acquiring my bachelor's degree in physics at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, I came to Potsdam in 2016 to specialize in astrophysics in my graduate studies. Since the end of 2018, I have been working on my PhD project here at the Leibniz Institute on the magnetic interactions of stars and planets.

I am particularly interested in flares - magnetically driven explosions that occur in the atmospheres of stars like our Sun as well as red dwarfs. When and how often they occur, and how much energy they release, contains valuable insights about the physics of stars and their interaction with the planets orbiting them.

Stellar Physics and Exoplanets
Doctoral Candidate
Office: HH/026
Phone: +49 331 7499 280

Personal webpage

für Astrophysik Potsdam (AIP)
An der Sternwarte 16
14482 Potsdam


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Participating AIP sections and groups: Stellar Physics and Exoplanets
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Participating AIP sections and groups: Stellar Physics and Exoplanets