Public Tours of the Einstein Tower

Visits & guided tours

The science park "Albert Einstein" is open for visitors during the day. Guests might have to check in at the entrance of the area. The Einstein Tower has been completely renovated between November 1997 and July 1999. Visiting the building from the outside is possible at all times during the day and highly recommended. Please understand that a visit of the inside is not possible in general because the observatory is used for solar research. Furthermore, the optical instruments are very sensitive against dust and humidity due to the open construction of the telescope inside the building.

However, parts of the interior of the building (i.e. the ground floor and the main room) can be visited during guided tours which are organized by

Urania-Verein "Wilhelm Foerster" e. V.
Gutenbergstr. 71/72
14467 Potsdam
Telefon (0331) 29 17 41
Fax (0331) 29 36 83

These guided tours into the tower are usually restricted to the winter season and are normally in given in German. Groups may arrange tours in English with the Urania as well, depending on the working schedule of the observatory. Please understand that the number of participants needs to be strictly limited. The building was constructed for research and does not offer much space for visitors. Pre-registration is therefore necessary.