Stellar Activity News

Spectangular - a software tool for spectral disentangling
The software Spectangular is for spectral disentangling via singular value decomposition with global optimization of the orbital parameters of the stellar system or radial velocities of the individual observations.
Transmission spectroscopy of HAT-P-19b
Hot Jupiter exoplanets are gas giants orbiting their host star in only a few days. If their orbit lie in the same plane as our line of sight, the planet transits its host star once per orbit. This event yields the opportunity to study the atmosphere of this far-away world. We investigated the inflated hot Jupiter HAT-P-19b for spectroscopic signatures of a cloud-free atmosphere.
Spot evolution on the red giant star XX Triangulum
Solar spots can be observed in great detail and their evolution can be studied in real-time. Their decay rate is of great interest as it is directly related to the magnetic diffusivity, which itself is a key quantity for the length of a magnetic-activity cycle. Is a linear spot decay also detectable on other stars, and is this in agreement with the large range of solar and stellar activity cycle lengths?