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  • Blöcker, T.: 1995a,
    Stellar evolution of low and intermediate mass stars:
    I. Mass loss on the AGB and its consequences for stellar evolution.

    Astron. Astrophys. 297, 727.

  • Blöcker, T.: 1995b,
    Stellar evolution of low and intermediate mass stars:
    II. Post-AGB evolution.

    Astron. Astrophys. 299, 755.

  • Bozic, H., Harmanec, P., Horn, J., Koubsky, P., Scholz, G., McDavid, D.,
    Hubert, A.-M., Hubert, H.: 1995,
    Toward a consistent model of the B0.5Ve+sdO binary phi Per.
    Astron. Astrophys. 304, 235.

  • Hildebrandt, G., Scholz, G., Lehmann, H., Panov, K.P.: 1995,
    The true period of the Ap star HD 193722 = V 1584 Cyg.
    Astron. Nachr. 316, 9.

  • Lehmann, H., Scholz, G. Hildebrandt, G., Klose, S., Panov, K.P.,
    Reimann, H.-G., Woche, M., Ziener, R.: 1995,
    Variability investigations of possible Maia stars.
    Astron. Astrophys. 300, 783.

  • Marten, H.: 1995,
    Non-equilibrium effects in planetary nebulae.
    Annals Israel Phys. Society, Vol. 11, 273.

  • Napiwotzki, R., Schönberner,D.: 1995,
    Spectroscopic investigation of old planetaries. III. Spectral types, magnitudes, and distances.
    Astron Astrophys., 301, 545.

  • Schönberner, D., Harmanec, P.: 1995,
    On the absolute brightnesses and masses of early-type stars.
    Astron. Astrophys., 294, 509.

  • Steffen, M., Ludwig, H.-G., Freytag, B.: 1995,
    Synthetic spectra computed from hydrodynamical model atmospheres of DA white dwarfs.
    Astron. Astrophys., 300, 473.

Conference Proceedings

  • Becker-Roß, H., Florek, S., Grewing, M., Kappelmann, N., Krämer, G., Naletto, G., Pernechele, C., Schönberner, D., Tanci, E., Tondello, G.: 1995,
    SUV: The Spectrum Ultra Violet mission, a general purpose ultraviolet observatory.
    In: Proc. Workshop on Space Optics 1994: Earth Observation and Astronomy, SPIE Vol. 2209, p.557.

  • Blöcker, T.: 1995c,
    Transformation of AGB stars into white dwarfs.
    In: D. Koester, K. Werner (eds.): White Dwarfs. Lecture Notes Phys. 443, p. 68.

  • Blöcker, T., Schönberner, D.: 1995,
    Structure and Evolution of AGB Stars.
    In: R. Gallino, M. Busso, C.M. Raiteri (eds.),
    Proc. 3rd Intern. Symp. Nuclei in the Cosmos, Gran Sasso, p. 399.

  • Panov, K.P., Stegert, J.S.W., Hildebrandt, G.: 1995,
    Photometry of CH Cygni during 1991-1994, a new outburst.
    In: J. Greiner, H.W.Duerbeck, R.E. Gerschberg (eds.) Flares and Flashes. Lecture Notes Phys. 454 , p. 260.

  • Schönberner, D., Blöcker, T., Marten, H.: 1995,
    Evolution from the AGB through the planetary nebula stage (Review).
    In: N. Soker (ed.): Asymmetrical Planetary Nebulae. Annals Israel Physical Society, Vol. 11, p.81.

  • Stolzmann, W., Blöcker, T.: 1995,
    Equation of state for interior models of low mass objects.
    In: The Bottom of the Main Sequence and Beyond, Proc. ESO Workshop, Springer, Berlin, p. 28.

  • Stolzmann, W., Blöcker, T.: 1995,
    Thermodynamical quantities for evolutionary and pulsational calculations.
    In: D. Koester, K. Werner (eds.): White Dwarfs. Lecture Notes in Physics, Springer, Berlin, p. 83.

Popular Articles

  • Rendtel, J., Schröder, W.: 1995,
    Beobachtungen leuchtender Nachtwolken in den Jahren 1967-1987.
    Die Sterne 70, 101.