Wolfgang - Amadeus

Since almost two decades, the two automated photoelectric telescopes (APT) T6 and T7 have been termed Wolfgang and Amadeus, named after the famous Austrian composer Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgang Theophilus Mozart. Originally funded by the Austrian FWF for five years, their continuously operation, now jointly by the University of Vienna and the AIP, could be justified only by their rich scientific data return.


Amadeus (T7) in parking position. T8 in the back. After the successful move to Fairborn Obs., 1996


Both telescopes have a main mirror of 75 cm. They are purely photoelectric telescopes, equipped with a blue-sensitive (Wolfgang) and a red-sensitive photomultiplier cathode. (Telescope details can be found in Strassmeier et al., 1997). They are located at Fairborn Observatory at Washington Camp in the Sonoran desert near Tucson, Arizona. The telescopes operate on ATIS-93 (Automated Telescope Instruction Set) and are maintained by L. Boyd. The observatory itself is automated, the software is an in-kind contribution of T. Granzer  (University of Vienna).

They provide an unprecedented long, continuous data set, below are just a few example light curves from Amadeus, T7.


XX Tri, Johnson V (to HD 12478) HD 106225, Johnson V (to HD 106270) IL Hya, Johnson V (to HD 81904)