SCS - a 100% Java implementation of a robotic observatory

The central software package of the SCS supplies an implementation of a dispatch-scheduling algorithm for real-time prioritizing and selecting of astronomical objects. Furthermore it supplies a work-flow engine to execute almost arbitrary observing sequences tailored to the objects chosen plus auxiliary tools for creating and managing the XML-based object description and work-flow templates. The central unit also provides various implementations of the communication protocol used in relaying commands to peripheral devices. Of these peripheral devices, modules to operate a telescope, modules for controlling different types of scientific CCDs, and modules for acquisition and guiding using either beam-splitters, off-axis units, or auxiliary telescopes exist. Weather surveillance tools and detection algorithms for hazardous environmental condition are provided as well as building control modules operating a roll-off roof or a classical dome. Besides the pure robotic part, packages for reducing imaging data and various visualization tools are provided. The entire software is coded in Java 1.6. As of 16th Dec 2013, the package consists of roughly 516000 lines of code and contains contributions of various authors, most notable by J. Bartus.



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If interested in obtaining the source code, please contact the main author and maintainer T. Granzer