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Team Members

The AIP cosmology group


Prof Dr. Christoph Pfrommer Professor, Head of the Cosmology Section
cpfrommer [at] aip [dot] de
Prof Dr. Matthias Steinmetz Director Research Branch Extragalactic Astrophysics msteinmetz [at] aip [dot] de
Dr. Noam I Libeskind Staff nlibeskind [at] aip [dot] de

Postdocs and fellows

Dr. Thomas Berlok Postdoc tberlok [at] aip [dot] de
Dr. Edoardo Carlesi Postdoc ecarlesi [at] aip [dot] de
Dr. Philipp Girichidis Postdoc pgirichidis [at] aip [dot] de
Dr. Umberto Maio Postdoc umaio [at] aip [dot] de
Dr. Mohamed Shalaby Postdoc mshalaby [at] aip [dot] de
Dr. Martin Sparre Postdoc msparre [at] aip [dot] de
Dr. Elmo Tempel Postdoc etempel [at] aip [dot] de

PhD and Master students

Kristian Ehlert PhD student kehlert [at] aip [dot] de
Martin Lüders PhD student mlueders [at] aip [dot] de
Matteo Pais PhD student mpais [at] aip [dot] de
Timon Thomas PhD student tthomas [at] aip [dot] de
Maria Werhahn PhD student mwerhahn [at] aip [dot] de
Georg Winner PhD student gwinner [at] aip [dot] de
Alexander Gerhard Scherrmann Master student
Joseph Wittingham Master student


Dr. Stefan Gottlöber Emeritus sgottloeber [at] aip [dot] de
PD Dr. Volker Müller Emeritus vmueller [at] aip [dot] de

Administrative staff

Antje Timmermann Team Assistant atimmermann [at] aip [dot] de

Long-term guests

Dr. Ruediger Pakmor HITS Heidelberg
Dr. Cecilia Scannapieco Universidad de buenos aires
Dr. Jenny Sorce Observatoire de Strasbourg
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