Milky Way and the Local Volume Team and Publications

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Ismael Carrillo PhD student Dynamic substructure in Milky Way disk
Cristina Chiappini
Staff Extreme Metal-Poor stars, chemo-dynamical evolution of the Milky Way
In Sung Jang Postdoc Resolved stellar populations in/around nearby disk galaxies, extra-galactic distance scale
Roelof de Jong
Section head Structure and content of nearby galaxies, PI 4MOST high multiplex spectrograph
Guillaume Guiglion Postdoc Spectroscopic pipelines, abundance analysis, RAVE
Ivan Minchev
Staff Milky Way and galaxy kinematics simulations
Anna Queiroz PhD student Bayesian analyses to determine astrophysical parameters of stars
Ralf-Dieter Scholz
Staff Proper motion studies, open clusters
Matthias Steinmetz
Director Galaxy simulations and dynamics, PI of RAVE, director of Extragalactic Physics Research Area
Marica Valentini
Postdoc Chemical abundance pipeline for medium and high-resolution spectra, astero-seismology
Katja Weingrill Software Developer Gaia spectroscopic pipeline development, solar physics.


Former Milky Way and the Local Volume team members:
Friedrich Anders PhD Student/Postdoc Chemical abundances and ages of the MW using APOGEE and aster-seismology
Borja Anguiano PhD student Age-metallicity-velocity-dispersion relation of MW
Corrado   Boeche PhD student Chemical abundances MW components from RAVE
Dorothée Brauer PhD student Thin/thick disk chemo-dynamics from RAVE and SDSS
Gabriele Cescutti Postdoc Inhomogeneous chemical evolution models of the MW
Claudia Conrad PhD student Open cluster population, low-mass stars with compact companions
Éric Depeagne
Postdoc High resolution spectroscopy, 4MOST deputy project engineer
Thiago Junqueira Postdoc Comparing chemo-dynamical models to observations
Joris Gerssen Postdoc Gaia pipeline development, IFU spectroscopy, dynamics of galaxies
Georges Kordopatis
Thick disk formation, spectral pipelines
Andrea Kunder Postdoc Spectroscopic surveys of disk and bulge
Gal Matijevic Postdoc Binary stars, characterising stellar spectra
Giacomo Monari
Postdoc Dynamical models and analysis of the Milky Way, RAVE
Kawa Noman Master Student Modelling of edge-on galaxies
Tilmann Piffl
PhD student Thick disk formation, Milky Way mass estimation, simulations of Milky Way surveys
Jan Ruppert PhD student Star formation measurements using J, H, K and Brγ imaging
Cecilia Scannapieco Postdoc Galaxy simulations in cosmological context

Olivier Schnurr

Postdoc Most massive stars, 4MOST Instrument Scientist
David Streich PhD student/Postdoc Stellar populations in nearby (edge-on) galaxy halos and outer disks
Ugur Ural Postdoc Dynamical simulations and chemical evolution of MW satellites and MW streams
Marija Vlajic
Postdoc Stellar outskirts of nearby galaxies
Mary Williams
Postdoc Chemo-dynamical substructure in MW, RAVE data manager
Jennifer Wojno Ph.D. student Stellar populations in RAVE
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1ST TO 5TH JUNE 2015


Reconstructing the Milky Way’s History: Spectroscopic Surveys, Asteroseismology and Chemodynamical Models