The weekly meetings of the Extragalactic Science Club provides a forum for informal conversations on extragalactic astrophysical topics.

As discussed during the meeting on 12/10/2010, we have now compiled a pool of papers from which the participants can choose their contribution. The full list can be found here .

Comments and suggestions to Georg Lamer or Christian Tapken.
  Time & Venue: Tuesday afternoon at 16:00 in the
    seminar room of the Schwarzschild Haus.
June 26
June 19 Maria del Pilar Bonilla-Tobar Springel & Hernquist 2003 The history of star formation in a Lambda cold dark matter universe
June 12 Isabel Suarez Ferrarese, L, et al., 2006: A Fundamental Relation between Compact Stellar Nuclei, Supermassive Black Holes, and Their Host Galaxies
June 5 Simona Bekeraite Peebles, P.J.E: Origin of the Angular Momentum of Galaxies 1969ApJ...155..393P
May 15 Anne Hutter Abel, Tom; Bryan, Greg L; Norman, Norman Michael L.2002, : The Formation of the First Stars in the Universe
Feb 28 Christian Herenz Rob Kennicut: "Star Formation in Galaxies Along the Hubble Sequence" 1998AR&A..36..189
Feb 21 Daniel Kupko Silk, Joseph; Rees, Martin J.: "Quasars and galaxy formation" 1998A&A...331L...1S
Feb 14
Feb 7 Sebastian Kamann Schechter 1976: "An analytic expression for the luminosity function for galaxies." 1976ApJ...203..297S
Jan 31
Jan 24 Bernd Husemann Cowie et al. 1996:"New Insight on Galaxy Formation and Evolution From Keck Spectroscopy of the Hawaii Deep Fields " 1996AJ....112..839C
Jan 17
Jan 10 Ali Takey "The 2XMMi/SDSS Galaxy Cluster Survey"
Jan 3
Dec 20
Dec 13 David Streich
Dec 6 Anne Hutter George B. Field: "Excitation of the 21-cm Line" Proceedings of the IRE , Jan 1958, p 240
Nov 29 Isabel Suarez Velasquez "The Contribution of the WHIM to the CMB anisotropies via the Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect"
Nov 22 Tilmann Piffl Sellwood & Binney (2002): Radial mixing in galactic disks 2001Natur.409...39
Nov 15 Arjen de Hoon Sunyaev, R. A.; Zeldovich, Ya. B.: The Observations of Relic Radiation as a Test of the Nature of X-Ray Radiation from the Clusters of Galaxies 1972CoASP...4..17
Jun 14 Daniel Kupko Toomre, Alar; Toomre, Juri: Galactic Bridges and Tails, 1972ApJ...178..623T
Jun 6 Jose Ramirez
May 31 Isabel Suarez Cen, Renyue; Ostriker, Jeremiah P.: Where are the Baryons? 1999ApJ...514....1C
Dave, Romeel; et al.: Baryons in the Warm-Hot Intergalactic Medium, 2001ApJ...552..473D
May 24
May 17 No ESC (Betriebsausflug)
May 10
May 3 Kai Hoffmann Cole,Shaun, et al.: Hierarchical galaxy formation ( 2000 MNRAS.319..168c )
Apr 26
Apr 19 Christian Tapken Freedman, Wendy L.; et. al: Final Results from the Hubble Space Telescope Key Project to Measure the Hubble Constant, 2001ApJ...553...47F
Apr 12 Sebastian Kamann Salpeter, Edwin E. : The Luminosity Function and Stellar Evolution 1955ApJ...121..161S
Feb 15 Maria del Pilar Bonilla Seljak, Uros; Zaldarriaga, Matias: A Line-of-Sight Integration Approach to Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropies 1996ApJ...469..437S
Feb 8 Aldo Dall'Aglio Haardt, Francesco; Madau, Piero: Radiative Transfer in a Clumpy Universe. II. The Ultraviolet Extragalactic Background ( 1996ApJ...461...20H )
Bolton, James S.;Haehnelt, Martin G.;Viel, Matteo; Springel, Volker:The Lyman α forest opacity and the metagalactic hydrogen ionization rate at z~ 2-4 ( 2005MNRAS.357.1178B )
Feb 1
Jan 25 Timur Doumler Klypin, A.;Kravtsov, A. V.; Valenzuela, O.o; Prada, F.: Where Are the Missing Galactic Satellites? ( 1999ApJ...522...82K )
Jan 18 Jose Ramirez Ferland, G. J.; Korista, K. T.; et al.: CLOUDY 90: Numerical Simulation of Plasmas and Their Spectra 1998PASP..110..761F
Jan 11
Dec 14 Christian Herenz Partridge, R. B.; Peebles, P. J. E.: Are Young Galaxies Visible? 1967ApJ...147..868P
Dec 7 Juan Carlos Muñoz Special issue: Dark Matter Awareness Week
Nov 30 Tilmann Piffl Freeman, K. C.: On the Disks of Spiral and so Galaxies 1970ApJ...160..811F
Nov 23
Nov 16 Jakob Walcher Mo, H. J.; Mao, Shude;White, Simon D. M.: The formation of galactic discs ( 1998MNRAS.295..319M )
Nov 9 Christian Tapken Madau, Piero: High-redshift galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field: colour selection and star formation history to z~4, 1996MNRAS.283.1388M
Jun 29 Bernd Husemann "The non-causal origin of the black hole - galaxy scaling relations" (Knud Jahnke and Andrea V. Maccio), arxiv:1006.0482)
Jun 22 Sebastian Kamann "A fundamental relation between mass, SFR and metallicity in local and high redshift galaxies" (Mannucci et al 2010, arxiv:1005.0006)
Jun 15 Maneenate Wechakama "Testing the Dark Matter Annihilation Model for the WMAP Haze" (Matthew Maquinn and Matias Zaldarriaga.)
Jun 8
Jun 1
May 25
May 18 Arjen de Hoon
May 11
May 4 Jose Ramirez
Apr 27
Apr 20 Jochen Klar
Apr 13
Apr 6
Mar 30 Sebastian Kamann
Mar 23 Sebastian Krekow Dissecting the Gravitational Lens B1608+656 (Suyu et al. 2010 )
Mar 16
Mar 9 Kai Hoffmann Measuring galaxy segregation using the mark connection function (Martinez et al. 2010 )
Mar 2 Dorothee Brauer "Galaxy Zoo: Passive Red Spirals" ( Masters at al., 2010)
Feb 23 Tobias Diekershoff "High molecular gas fractions in normal massive star-forming galaxies in the young Universe" by Tacconi et al.
Feb 16
Feb 9 Juan Carlos Muñoz
Feb 2 Isabel Suárez "Modified gravity as an Alternative to dark matter'' (J. Bekenstein, arxiv:1001.3876v1 )
Jan 26 Adrian Partl A Spectroscopic Portrait of Andromeda's Giant Southern Stream Gilbert et al. - arxiv:0909.4540v1, Structure and Population of the Andromeda Stellar Halo From A Subaru / Suprime-Cam Survey Tanaka et al. - arxiv:0908.0245v2
Jan 19 Dasha Dubinovska "Observational constraints on the co-evolution of SMBHs and galaxies" (Zheng et al., arXiv:0911.0005)
Jan 12 Sabine König (Universität Köln) "Millimeter and radio astronomy on galactic and extragalactic scales"
Dec 15 Daniel Kupko "On the Stellar Populations and Evolution of Star-Forming Galaxies at 6.3 < z < 8.6"
Dec 1 Christian Tapken
Jul 14 Bernd Husemann
Jul 7 Laura Hoppmann "How was the Hubble sequence 6 Gyrs ago?" (arXiv:0906.2805v2)
Jun 30 Franziska Piontek arXiv:0906/5304 (Galaxy Zoo: 'Hanny's Voorwerp', a quasar light echo?)
Jun 23
Jun 16 Isabelle Gavignaud
Jun 9 Jaime Forero Modelling galaxy clustering: Is new physics needed in galaxy formation models? (Han Seek Kim, C.M.Baugh, S.Cole, C.S.Frenk, A.J.Benson)
Jun 2 Andreas Schulze "A Survey of z ~ 6 Quasars in the SDSS Deep Stripe. II. Discovery of six Quasars at z>21" (Jiang et al., arxiv:0905.4126)
May 26 Sebastian Kamann "The M-sigma and M-L relations in galactic bulges, and determinations of their intrinsic scatter" by Gueltekin et al (arXiv:0903.4897).
May 19 No ESC (DLR Schwerpunkt meeting)
May 12
Apr 28 Taesun Kim Ly-alpha blobs are powered by heating, not cooling by Geach et al. (arXiv:0904.0452v2); Discovery of a giant Ly-alpha emitter near the reionization epoch by Ouchi et al. (2009, ApJ, 696, 1164)
Apr 21
Apr 14
Apr 7 Jose Ramirez "Diffuse baryonic matter beyond 2020" ,White Paper for the NRC Astro-2010 Decadal Survey.
Mar 31
Mar 24
Mar 17
Mar 10 Isabelle Gavignaud
Mar 3 Jochen Klar "Disk formation and the origin of clumpy galaxies at high redshift", Agertz et al., arXiv:0901.2536 :
Feb 24 Pierre Ocvirk "Explaining the observed Ly-alpha blobs as Cold Streams of Gas in the Halos of Galaxies", arXiv 0902.2999
Feb 17 Rob Piontek "Resolving the Galactic ridge X-ray background", Revnivtsev, M.; Vikhlinin, A.; Sazonov, S., 2007
Feb 10 Claudio LLineares "Feedback and the Formation of Dwarf Galaxy Stellar Halos" (Stinson et al. , arXiv:0902.0775v1)
Feb 3
Jan 28 Silvia Bonoli "Modelling the cosmological co-evolution of BHs and galaxies: the clustering of quasars"
Jan 13 Lionel Veltz " Chemical Inhomogeneities in the Milky way Stellar Halo", AJ,137,272
Dec 9 Adrian Partl "HeII Absorption and the Sawtooth Spectrum of the Cosmic Far-UV" ,P. Madau & F. Haardt arXiv:0812.0824
Nov 25 Juan Carlos Muñoz The Aquarius project: the subhalos of galactic halos, Springel et al, arXiv:0809.0898
Nov 18 Bernd Husemann "Post-starburst galaxies: more than just an interesting curiosity" (Vivienne Wild et al., arXiv:0810.5122)
Nov 11 Andreas Schulze "Black Holes in Pseudobulges and Speroidals" (Greene, Ho, Barth, astro-ph 0810.1972)
Nov 4 Asmus Böhm The lopsidedness of present-day galaxies: connections to the formation of stars, the chemical evolution of galaxies, and the growth of black holes"; Reichard, Heckman, Rudnick, Brinchmann, Kauffmann, & Wild; arXiv:0809.3310v1
Oct 28
Oct 21 Sebastian Kamann "Absorption Properties and Evolution of Active Galactic Nuclei" (G. Hasinger, astro-ph:0808.0260)
Oct 14 Jochen Klar "Is Potsdam expanding?" (arXiv:0808.1081 ,arXiv:0809.4573)
Oct 7
Sep 30 Malte Schramm "Time Variation of Fundamental Constants" (astro-ph 0809.2033)
Sep 23
Sep 16
Sep 9 Lutz Wisotzki "A Population of Faint Extended Line Emitters and the Host Galaxies of Optically Thick QSO Absorption Systems" by M. Rauch et al, 2008, ApJ 681, 856 (arXiv:0711.1354)
July 22 Daria Dubinovska "High-frequency oscillations in short GRBs"
July 15 Borja Anguiano
July 1 Malte Schramm "The Evolution of the MBH-? Relation Inferred from the Age Distribution of Local Early-Type Galaxies and AGN Evolution" (astro-ph 0806:3459 )
June 17 Adrian Partl " Ram pressure stripping in a viscous intracluster medium" ( Roediger & Brueggen, astro-ph/0806.1406)
June 10 Steffen Knollmann Ultra Compact Dwarfs: Simulation and Observation (Goerdt et al., MNRAS, 385, 2136-2142,Mieske et al., astro-ph/0806.0374v1)
June 3 Jochen Klar "Dark matter annihilation effects on the first stars"(F. Iocco, A. Bressan, E. Ripamonti, R. Schneider, A. Ferrara, P. Marigo)
May 27 Yago Ascasibar Clumps and streams in the local dark matter distribution
May 13 Matthias Steinmetz "Observed and simulated hypervelocity stars"
May 6 Gabor Worseck "Ubiquitous outflows in DEEP2 spectra of star-forming galaxies at z=1.4" (Weiner et al., arXiv:0804.4686)
April 29 Pierre Ocvirk "Quasar Broad Absorption Line Variability on Multiple Timescales" (Gibson, Brandt, and Schneider, 2008, ApJ, 675, 985)
April 22 Lochlan Campbell
April 15 Rachel Campbell
April 8 Sebastian Kamann
April 1 Asmus Böhm "The dependence of galaxy morphology and structure on environment and stellar mass" (arXIv:0801.1995)
March 25 no ESC
March 18 Andreas Schulze The effect of radiation pressure on virial black hole mass estimates and the case of Narrow Line Seyfert 1 galaxies (Marconi et al. 2008, arxiv: 0802.2021)
March 11 Jochen Klar The Fate of the First Galaxies. III. Properties of Primordial Dwarf Galaxies and their Impact on the Intergalactic Medium (Ricotti et al. arXiv:0802.2715)
March 4 Joris Gerssen "Prevalence of Tidal Interactions among Local Seyfert Galaxies" (Kuo et al., 27 Feb 2008, arXiv:0802.4205v1)
February 26 Mirko Meißner "Quasar spectral energy distribution in EUV restored from associated absorbers: indications to the HeII opacity of the quasar accretion disk wind" (Levshakov et al. 2008)
February 19 Stefan Knollmann The impact of mergers on relaxed X-ray clusters - I. Dynamical evolution and emergent transient structures' (Poole et al. 2006. MNRAS 373) (shifted to 26 Feb)
February 12 Corrado Boeche "The outside-in formation of elliptical galaxies"
February 5 Franziska Piontek "The McKee & Ostriker multiphase medium model and its importance today" (McKee & Ostriker 1977)
January 29 Bernd Husemann "Galactic Superwinds"
January 22 Borja Anguiano Spectroscopy of red giants in the Large Magellanic Cloud bar: Abundances, kinematics and the age-metallicity relation" (Cole et al. 2005)
January 15 Georg Lamer Space Density of Optically-Selected Type 2 Quasars (Reyes et al., arXiv:0801.1115)
January 8 Lionel Veltz
December 11 Mary Williams The Arcturus Moving Group
December 4 Natasha Maddox Near-Infrared Selection of Luminous Quasars from UKIDSS
November 27 Lachlan Campbell "The 6dF galaxy survey"
November 20 Rachel Campbell "From the Solar System to the Milky Way"
November 13 Jaime Forero "Semi-Analytic Models of Galaxy Formation"
November 6 Pierre Ocvirk "The star formation history of galaxies from their integrated spectrum"
October 30 Asmus Böhm "Observational evidence for AGN feedback in early-type galaxies" (Schawinski et al.,arXiv.07093015)
October 23 Sander von Benda-Beckmann "Evidence of Cosmic Evolution of the Stellar Initial Mass Function" (van Dokkum, astro-ph/0710.0875)
October 16
October 9
October 2
Sep 25 Alexander Knebe "The formation of galactic disks" (Mo, Mao, and White 1998, MNRAS 295, 319)
July 3 Joris Gerssen
June 19 Isabelle Gavignaud, Andrea Cattaneo "A Cosmological Framework for the Co-Evolution of Quasars, Supermassive Black-Holes and Elliptical Galaxies, I and II."
June 12 Bernd Husemann "Selection Bias in Observing the Cosmological Evolution of the BH mass-Sigma and BH mass-Luminosity Relationships" (Lauer et al., astro-ph: 0705.4103)
June 5
May 29 Marcel Kappel Forced accretion in stochastically fed AGN and quasars (arXiv:0705.1686)
May 22 Rob Piontek Cluster Cl 0024+17 - The best evidence yet for dark matter? (arXiv:0705.2171)
May 15 Gabor Worseck "Does intergalactic metal absorption differ between QSO and GRB sightlines?", Tejos et al. (arXiv:0705.0387) und Sudilovski et al. (arXiv:0705.0706)
Apr 24 Asmus Böhm "How Mergers May Affect The Mass Scaling Relations Between Black Holes, Galaxies, and Other Gravitationally Bound Systems", (Chien Peng, arXiv:0704.1860)
Apr 3 Franziska Köckert We are special after all - Hammer et al 2007, astro-ph/0702585
Mar 27 Sander v. Benda-Beckmann "The Cold Dark Matter Halos of Local Group Dwarf Spheroidals" (Penarrubia, McConnachie and Navarro, astro-ph/0701780)
Mar 13 Bastian Arnold "Evolution of the Pancaking Effect in a LCDM Cosmology" (astro-ph/0702664)
Mar 6 Andreas Schulze "The unified model of Active Galactic Nuclei: II. Evolutionary connection" (astro-ph/0702279)
Feb 27 Ana Monreal Ibero
Feb 13 Joris Gerssen AEGIS: Star formation in field galaxies since z=1.1 ( Noeske et al., astro-ph/0701924)
Feb 6 Rob Piontek Recently discovered Milky Way dwarf galaxies
Jan 30 Marcel Kappel AGNs and galaxy interactions (astro-ph/0701192)
Jan 23 Franziska Köckert "The (non)existence of dark galaxies. (Davies et al 2006 & Taylor & Webster 2005)"
Jan 16 Christian Wagner Cluster Mass Estimators from CMB Temperature and Polarization Lensing (Vale & Ostriker 2007, astro-ph/0701276 )
Jan 09 Steffen Knollmann "Backreaction issues in Relativistic Cosmology (Buchert 2007, gr-qc/0612166)"
Dec 19 Isabelle Gavignaud "Uncertainties of the masses of black holes ... (Susy Collin et al.: astro-ph/0612098, 2006A&A,456,75)"
Dec 12 Borja Anguiano Jiménez "The Super-Halo of M31 and M33 (astro-ph/0610632)"
Dec 5 Jan Kohnert "The Tautenburg-Calar-Alto variability and proper motion survey"
Nov 28 Kristin Warnick "Tidal tails around globular clusters" ( Montuori et al. 2006, astroph/0611204)
Nov 21 Peter Weilbacher
Nov 14 No ESC (XMM SSC meeting)
Nov 7 Sander von Benda-Beckmann "Towards a Concordant Model of Halo Occupation Statistics" ( Frank van den Bosch et al., 2006, astro-ph/0610686)
Oct 24 Alexander Knebe "The infamous NFW profile"
Jul 11 Bernd Husemann "The Masses of Nuclear Black Holes in Luminous Elliptical Galaxies and Implications for the Space Density of the Most Massive Black Holes."(astro-ph/0606739)
Jul 04 Isabelle Gavignaud Constraints on the Accretion History of Massive Black Holes from Faint X-ray Counts (Volonteri et al., astro-ph/0606675)
Jun 27 Alexander Knebe "The Cosmological Mass Function" (Press, Schechter 1974, ApJ 187, 425)
Jun 21 Corrado Boeche The galactic thick and thin disks: difference in evolution (astro-ph/0605661)
Jun 13 Kristin Warnick "Substructure around M31: Evolution and Effects" (astro-ph 0606015)
Jun 06 Malte Schramm Low luminosity GRBs, a unique population?
May 30 Gabor Worseck Close pairs of QSOs (astro-ph/0603742, astro-ph/0605618)
May 23 Asmus Böhm Why X-ray selected AGN appear optically dull (astro-ph/0603313)
May 16 Steffen Knollmann Two populations of metal-free stars in the early Universe (astro-ph/0604367)
May 9 Tae-sun Kim Infalling faint [OII] emitters in Abell 851: II. Environment,kinematics & star formation history (astro-ph/0605044)
May 2 Peter Weilbacher Properties of galaxies at z=6.
Apr 25 Joris Gerssen "The true Tully Fisher relation at z ~0.6" (Flores et al. astro-ph/0603563)
Apr 18 Robert Piontek Galactic ridge X-ray emission (astro-ph/0510050, astro-ph/0507185)
Apr 11 Franziska Köckert Gamma ray bursts
Mar 28 Sander von Benda-Beckmann astro-ph/0603550 (Wyithe & Loeb) , astro-ph/0603541 (Haiman et al.) : Suppression of Star-Formation by Cosmic Reionization
Mar 21 Lutz Wisotzki astro-ph/0602088 (Lotz et al.) & astro-ph/0602038 (Bell et al.) : Evolution of Galaxy Mergers
Feb 21 Massimo Meneghetti (ITA Heidelberg) Strong lensing by galaxy clusters: a tool for cosmology (Abstract)
Feb 14
Feb 07 Franziska Köckert The influence of radio-galaxy activity on X-ray absorption lines from the intracluster medium
Matthias Hoeft (University of Bremen) Mechanical heating by AGN in galaxy clusters
Jan 31 Peter Weilbacher 3D spectroscopy of galaxies
Jan 24 Aldo dall'Aglio "The proximity effect along individual sight lines"
Jan 17 Georg Lamer Microlensing and variability in the lensed QSO RBS 825 = SDSS J1004+4112
Dec 13 Joris Gerssen IFU observations of the high-z universe
Dec 6 Ana Monreal Ibero Optical spectra in the non-nuclear regions of ULIRGs: evidences of ionization by shocks
Nov 29 Asmus Böhm Evolution of disk galaxies over the past 8 Gyrs
Nov 22 Arman Khalatyan Isodensity contours in DM simulations
Nov 15 Chien Yi Peng (STScI, Baltimore) Using Gravitational Lensing to Probe the Coevolution of Supermassive Black Holes and Quasar Host Galaxies
Nov 8 Jörg Dietrich (Bonn) A Combined Weak Lensing and X-ray Search for Galaxy Clusters
Nov 1 Lutz Wisotzki Lensing and Dark Matter Substructure
Oct 25 No ESC
Oct 18 No ESC (meeting of the AIP Beirat)
Oct 11 Sander v. Benda-Beckmann A Panchromatic View of Clusters of Galaxies
June 21 Ana Monreal Ibero
June 14 Gabor Worseck "A second Helium-ionizing Quasar near Q0302-003"
June 7 Sander v. Benda-Beckmann
May 31 Matthias Steinmetz
May 24 Sanjib Sharma "An Algorithm For Multi-Dimensional Density Estimation And Phase Space Structure of Dark Matter Halos"
May 17
May 10
May 03 Amri Wandel, Hebrew University, Jerusalem "Massive Black Holes in Active Galaxies"
April 26 Arman Khalatyan "High-end visualization tools "
April 19 Andreas Brunthaler (JIVE, Dwingeloo) "Measuring the proper motion of M33"
April 12 Georg Lamer, Lutz Wisotzki "Simultaneous PMAS + XMM-Newton observations of the wide separation gravitational lens SDSS J1004+4112"
April 5 Sander v. Benda-Beckmann "Modelling the collimating regime of relativistic MHD jets"
March 22 Andrea Cattaneo "Baryonic, non-gravitational processes in galaxy formation"
March 15 Dragana Ilic (Belgrade) "Emission-line regions of AGNs: Properties of the BLR"
March 8 Simon Glover (New York)
March 1 Dominik Elsässer (Würzburg) "Extragalactic Astronomy with the MAGIC Telescope"
February 22 Christian Maulbetsch "Clues on galaxy formation from their color-magnitude distribution"
February 15 Alexander Knebe Literature discussion: "The Anisotropic Distribution of Galactic Satellites" (Zentner et al. 2005, to be submitted)
February 8 Malte Schramm "Host galaxies of luminous high-redshift quasars"
February 2 Roland Diehl (MPE Garching)
Joint with Starformation Seminar
"Massive stars and interstellar turbulence: a gamma-ray perspective"
January 25 Arman Khalatyan
Different Location: AIP 3d theater in the MCC (Meridian houses)
3D Stereo Visualization
January 18 Kristin Warnick (Heidelberg) "Dynamics and Evolution of Satellite Galaxies in Dark Matter Halos"
January 11 Janne Holopainen (Tuorla/Turku) "LMC microlensing experiments"
January 4 Chris Power (Melbourne) "The Shapes of CDM Halos"
Dezember 21 Luka Popovic "Gravitational lensing and spectra of lensed QSOs"
Dezember 14 Knud Jahnke Literature Discussion: "GEMS: The Size Evolution of Disc Galaxies", by Marco Barden and the GEMS collaboration
Dezember 7 Stefan Gottlöber Literature Discussion: "Solar Neutrinos: A Popular Account", by John Bahcall, physics/0411190
November 30 Lutz Wisotzki Literature Discussion: "Metal abundances in a damped Ly-alpha system along two lines of sight at z=0.93", a paper by S. Lopez, D. Reimers, M.D. Gregg, L. Wisotzki, O. Wucknitz, A. Guzman (submitted to ApJ on 26 Nov, 2004)
November 23 Spiros Kitsionas "On the use of photometric redshifts for X-ray selected AGNs"
November 16 Gilles Chabrier (ENS Lyon) Initial Mass Function
November 09 Gabor Worseck, Andrea Cattaneo Report on Workshop: "Galaxy-Intergalactic Medium Interaction, Santa Barbara, 10/2004"
November 02 Peter Weilbacher (Durham) "Galaxy redshift surveys"
Oktober 19 Aldo Dall'Aglio "The line-of-sight proximity effect"
Oktober 12 Andrea Cattaneo "Active galactic nuclei and the formation of early-type galaxies."
Oktober 5 Andreas Kelz "3D Spectroscopy of Interacting Galaxies"
August 24 Alexander Knebe "Computational Cosmology"
July 13 Effrosyni Rassia (Paris) "In Search of Emission Line Galaxies with Slitless Spectroscopy using the WFI at the 2.2m of La Silla"
July 6 Discussion DFG Schwerpunktprogramm information + proposal coordination
June 29 Anatoly Klypin (Las Cruces) "Density of dark matter close to the galactic center"
June 22 Sasha Kashlinsky (Goddard) "Searching for Population III via the cosmic infrared background"
June 15 Christian Maulbetsch "Semianalytical models, a preliminary discussion"
June 8 Volker Müller "Voids and minimal spanning tree"
June 1 Sanjib Sharma "Delauny Tesselation and PhaseSpace structure of dark matter halos"
May 25 Matthias Steinmetz "Tidal Torques and the Orientation of Nearby Disk Galaxies"
May 18 Areg Mickaelian (Byurakan/Armenia) "The Digitized First Byurakan Survey"
May 11 Arman Khalatyan "Characteristics of Dark Matter simulations"
May 4 Marc Freitag (ARI Heidelberg) "The stellar connection: forming massive black holes in dense clusters" (joint seminar with AIP star formation group)
April 27 Lise Christensen Literature discussion: Observations of objects beyond z=7 (Pello at al. 2004, A&A, 416, L35; Loeb et al. 2004, astro-ph/0403193; Ricotti et al. 2004, astro-ph/0403327; Cen et al. 2004, astro-ph/0403419)
April 20 Ingo Josopait SPH simulations - basics, pitfalls and the implementation of additional physics
April 6 Jeremy Bailin Trying to measure figure rotation of dark matter halos
March 30 Gábor Worseck Some theory behind the Transverse Proximity Effect
March 23 Luca Popovic On the contribution of microlensing to X-ray variability of high-redshifted QSOs
March 16 Danielle Alloin (ESO Santiago) Cold material around the central engine in NGC1068
March 9 Björn Kuhlbrodt Literature discussion: "Gemini imaging of QSO host galaxies at z~2" (Croom et al. 2004, astro-ph/0401442)
March 2 Lutz Wisotzki Literature discussion: Is the fine structure constant constant? (M.T. Murphy, J.K. Webb, V.V. Flambaum, MNRAS 345, 609 (2003); R. Quast, D. Reimers, S.A. Levshakov, astro-ph/0311280)
February 24 Suzanne Linder (Cardiff) Ionized gas around galaxies and the detection of low column density galaxies
February 17 Sebastián F. Sánchez Literature discussion: "The Environmental Dependence of the Relations between Stellar Mass, Structure, Star Formation and Nuclear Activity in Galaxies" (Kauffmann et al. 2004, astro-ph/0402030)
February 11 Matthew Bershady (Univ. Wisconsin)
Luminous Compact Blue Galaxies: Enigma or Archetype?
February 10 Aaron Romanowski (Nottingham) Observational Constraints on Galaxy Haloes
February 03 Marc Verheijen The Evolution of Galaxies in Clusters
January 27 Uni Potsdam Colloquium: Jeremiah P. Ostriker Concordance Cosmology (5:15 p.m., Grosser Physik-Hoersaal, Campus Neues Palais (Haus 1.09, Raum 1.14)
January 20 Lutz Wisotzki Literature discussion: Star formation history in the Universe
January 13 Knud Jahnke Literature discussion: Star formation in early type galaxies (Fukugita et al., astro-ph/0312518, Bell et al., 2004, ApJ, 600L, 11)
December 16 Gábor Worseck Faint Quasars & The Transverse Proximity Effect
December 9 Michael Andersen Literature discussion: "A very energetic supernova associated with the gamma-ray burst of 29 March 2003" (Hjorth et al., astro-ph/0306347)
November 25 Gopal-Krishna/Lutz Wisotzki The radio properties of luminous QSOs
November 18 Björn Kuhlbrodt Literature discussion: "The host galaxies of AGN" (Kauffmann et al., astro-ph/0304239)
November 11 Mirko Krumpe The Marano field X-ray QSO survey
November 4 Eva Örndahl An optical imaging study of 0.4,z,0.8 quasar host galaxies
October 28 Christian Maulbetsch Literature discussion: "Early preheating and galaxy formation" (Benson & Madau, astro-ph/0303121)
October 21 Vladimir Avila-Reese The luminous and dark matter content of disk galaxies
October 14 Sanjib Sharma Literature discussion: "Towards a resolution of the galactic spin crisis" (Ariye et al, 2002, MNRAS, 335, 487)
October 7 Axel Schwope Serendipitous detection of galaxy clusters in XMM-Newton images
September 30 Gábor Worseck Quasars near Quasars
September 23 Carlos Hernandez-Monteagudo Hot gas in the Universe: WMAP's view
September 16 Joachim Stadel The 'zBox', Playing Cosmic Games
June 30 Gopal-Krishna Intranight optical variability of different classes of powerful AGN.
June 24 Anatoly Klypin Rotation Curves of Dwarf and Low Surface Brightness Galaxies.
June 17 Aeree Chung HI and CO observations of spiral galaxies in the Ursa Major group.
June 3 Lise Christensen PMAS detection of Lyman-alpha emission from a z=3.15 DLA system.
May 20 Ewa Lokas Dark matter distribution in the Coma cluster from galaxy kinematics: breaking the mass-anisotropy degeneracy.
May 13 Yipeng Ying Dark matter halos: inner structures and shapes.
May 6 Olaf Wucknitz Disentangling Microlensing and Differential Extinction in the Double QSO HE0512-3329.
May 6 Amitesh Omar GMRT observations of gas in and around Markarian 1.
April 29 Stefan Gottlöber The Structure of Voids.
April 15 Christian Maulbetsch Phantom Energy and Cosmic Doomsday.
April 8 Volker Müller Galaxy luminosity function from semianalytical models.
Ralf Klessen On the Nature of Galactic dSph's: Draco, A Failure of the Tidal Model.
April 1 Luka Popovic Spectral Lines as a Tool for Kinematical and Physical Diagnostic of BLR.
March 25 Lutz Wisotzki Last presentation of the trilogy on radio loud quasars.
March 18 Sebastian Sanchez The properties of radio-loud quasars.
March 11 Silke Huferath Construction of a Sample of K Band Flux Limited Bright Quasars.
Knud Jahnke Nuclear radio emission of galaxies: I. Radio emission and black hole mass.
March 4 Ingo Josopait Thermodynamic constraint on primordial black hole formation in the radiation dominated epoch.
Matthias Steinmetz On the Clustering Tendencies among the Nebulae. II. a Study of Encounters Between Laboratory Models of Stellar Systems by a New Integration Procedure.
February 25 Volker Müller TE polarization and the epoch of reionization.
Andreas Faltenbacher Cosmological Parameters: Fashion and Facts.
February 18 Various speakers First results from WMAP.
February 11 Matthias Steinmetz The Structural Evolution of Substructure.
Walter Dehnen The Oort constants measured from proper motions
February 4 Fernando Atrio-Barandela Bulk Flows in the Local Universe.
Jan-Peter Mücket Possible density profile asymptotes for Dark matter halos.
January 28 Björn Kuhlbrodt The Luminosity Function of QSO host galaxies.
Stefan Gottlöber Observational constraints for Dark Energy.
January 14 Christian Maulbetsch
Gábor Worsek Literature discussion: The most distant QSO and the reionization of the Universe.
December 17 Georg Lamer
Andreas Kelz Literature discussion:
December 10 Russell Cannon Principal Component Analysis of galaxy spectra from 2dF.
Lutz Wisotzki
December 3 Walter Dehnen Literature discussion: Bars and dark matter halo cores.
Sanjib Sharma The crisis of angular momentum in galaxy formation.
November 26 Rodrigo Gil-Merino Three mystery plays on microlensing: Q0957, Q2237 and HE1104.
November 19 Sebastian Sanchez Literature discussion: QSOs, ULIRGs, and Mergers.
Lise Christensen The host galaxies of Gamma Ray Bursts.
November 12 Knud Jahnke Quasar host galaxies and the difficulties investigating them -
classical and adaptive optics imaging of quasar host galaxies.
November 5 Marc Verheijen Rotation curves and the Tully-Fisher relation.
October 29 Kick-off meeting

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