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Astronomische Nachrichten
Astronomische Nachrichten - Astronomical Notes
AN achieved its highest journal impact factor so far

As of 2007, Astronomische Nachrichten - Astronomical Notes, hosted by AIP, has reached its all-time high regarding the ISI journal impact factor, with an impressive increase of 60% compared to 2005. We now rank at position 1,461, as shown in the statistics below. This is solely due to the increased number and quality of published articles: in 2006, Astronomische Nachrichten - Astronomical Notes published 208 research papers while in 2007, we have published 177 research papers and received 258 citations. In co-operation with Wiley InterScience we have achieved an average online publication time of just 4.5 months. As in the past, publication in Astronomische Nachrichten - Astronomical Notes continues to be free of charge. Also, all articles of the first issue of each volume can be downloaded free of charge, as can all articles labelled "Editor's Choice", which are additionally featured with a color image on the front cover.

Further far-reaching agreements were made between the Astronomische Gesellschaft (AG) and Wiley. As of 2009, the AG meeting's Abstracts issue will be replaced by a (selected) Reviews in Modern Astronomy issue. This will contain the Karl Schwarzschild Lecture, the Ludwig Biermann Award Lecture, and up to four other invited reviews or highlight contributions of the annual AG meeting.

As the Editors of Astronomische Nachrichten - Astronomical Notes, we are as usual on the lookout for excellent new articles from the fields of observational and theoretical astrophysics and related topics, extraterrestrial physics, astrobiology and solar physics, as well as astronomical instrumentation, numerical techniques and large-scale supercomputer modelling. So why not submit your next article to Astronomische Nachrichten - Astronomical Notes and benefit from the advantages we offer?


Klaus G. Strassmeier (Editor-in-Chief)

Günther Rüdiger (Managing Editor)


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Astronomical Notes 2008
Impact factor of Astronomische Nachrichten - Astronomical Notes according to ISI.

AN 7/2008
Cover page of the September issue of 2008.


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