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last change 2002 December 19, R. Arlt
Robotic STELLA building in Tenerife completed, first telescope delivered.

The STELLA project is nearing its first milestone with the upcoming inauguration of its robotic building and the delivery of the first of two 1,2m telescopes. The first telescope, STELLA-I, will feed a high-resolution echelle spectrograph currently being build at the AIP and foreseen to be delivered to Tenerife together with the telescope by the end of the year. First light is foreseen for early 2003. The second telescope, STELLA-II, will be a photometric imaging telescope planned to go into operation in 2004. Please visit our Web site for further information and schedule updates.

Credits: K. G. Strassmeier, T. Granzer, M. Weber, M. Woche, A. Washüttl, S.-M. Bauer, J. Paschke, G. Hildebrandt (AIP), A. Hempelmann (Hamburg), J.H.M.M. Schmitt (Hamburg)

Further Info at

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