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Vollständige Liste astronomischer Veröffentlichungen seit 1985  (ADS link)





Neglected X-ray discovered polars: II: The peculiar eclipsing binary HY Eridani
Beuermann, K.; Burwitz, V.; Reinsch, K.; Schwope, A.; Thomas, H.-C., 
A&A, submitted


SRG/eROSITA detection of the bright, transient X-ray flare SRGt J123822.3-253206 
Wilms et al. 
ATEL 13416


The Sixteenth Data Release of the Sloan Digital Sky Surveys: First Release from the APOGEE-2 Southern Survey and Full Release of eBOSS Spectra

Ahumada, Romina; Allende Prieto, Carlos; Almeida, Andres; et al.,: 2020
ApJS, submitted


The final SDSS-IV/SPIDERS X-ray point source spectroscopic catalogue
Comparat, J.; Merloni, A.; Dwelly, T.; Salvato, M.; Schwope, A.; Coffey, D.; Wolf, J.; Arcodia, R.; Liu, T.; Buchner, J.; Nandra, K.; Georgakakis, A.; Clerc, N.; Brusa, M.; Brownstein, J. R.; Schneider, D. P.; Pan, K.; Bizyaev, D.: 2020
A&A, in press




Discovery of X-ray pulsations from the Be/X-ray binary XMMU J010429.4-723136 in the SMC with SRG/eROSITA
Haberl, F.; Carpano, S.; Maitra, C.; Freyberg, M.; Dennerl, K.; Schwope, A.; Merloni, A.; Predehl, P.; Brunner, H.; Buckley, D. A. H.; Monageng, I. M.: 2019
ATEL 13312


A deep XMM-Newton look on the thermally emitting isolated neutron star RX J1605.3+3249
Pires, A. M.; Schwope, A. D.; Haberl, F.; Zavlin, V. E.; Motch, C.; Zane, S.: 2019
A&A, 623, A73


Precision Stellar Astrophysics and Galactic Archaeology: 2020
Kollmeier, Juna; Fuller, Jim; Gaensicke, Boris; Gaudi, Scott; Nataf, David; Rix, Hans-Walter; Aerts, Conny; Anderson, Scott; Anderson, Lauren; Anguiano, Borja; Basu, Sarbani; Bird, Jonathan; Brown, Anthony; Bullock, James; Cunha, Katia; De Lee, Nathan; Hekker, Saskia; Johnson, Jennifer; Lane, Richard; Ness, Melissa Pinsonneault, Marc H.; Schwope, Axel; Aguirre, Victor Silva; Steinmetz, Matthias; Stevens, Daniel J.; Teske, Johanna; Tkachenko, Andrew; Stassun, Keivan; Ting, Yuan-Sen; Stutz, Amelia; Weinberg, David H.; Zasowski, Gail: 2019
BAAS 51, 503


Understanding the evolution of close white dwarf binaries
Toloza, Odette; Breedt, Elme; De Martino, Domitilla; Drake, Jeremy; Gansicke, Boris; Green, Matthew; Ederoclite, Alessandro; Jennifer, Johnson; Juna, Kollmeier; Knigge, Christian; Kupfer, Thomas; Long, Knox; Marsh, Thomas; Pala, Anna; Parsons, Steven; Prince, Tom; Raddi, Roberto; Rebassa-Manserga, Alberto; Rodriguez-Gil, Pablo; Scaringi, Simone Schmidtobreick, Linda; Schreiber, Matthias; Schwope, Axel; Shen, Ken; Steeghs, Danny; Szkody, Paula; Tappert, Claus; Toonen, Silvia; Townsley, Dean; Zorotovic, Monica: 2019
BAAS 51, 168


4MOST Consortium Survey 6: Active Galactic Nuclei
Merloni, A.; Alexander, D. A.; Banerji, M.; Boller, T.; Comparat, J.; Dwelly, T.; Fotopoulou, S.; McMahon, R.; Nandra, K.; Salvato, M.; Croom, S.; Finoguenov, A.; Krumpe, M.; Lamer, G.; Rosario, D.; Schwope, A.; Shanks, T.; Steinmetz, M.; Wisotzki, L.; Worseck, G.: 2019, The Messenger, 175, 42


4MOST Consortium Survey 3: Milky Way Disc and Bulge Low-Resolution Survey (4MIDABLE-LR)
Chiappini, C.; Minchev, I.; Starkenburg, E.; Anders, F.; Fusillo, N. G.; Gerhard, O.; Guiglion, G.; Khalatyan, A.; Kordopatis, G.; Lemasle, B.; Matijevic, G.; Queiroz, A. B. D. A.; Schwope, A.; Steinmetz, M.; Storm, J.; Traven, G.; Tremblay, P. -E.; Valentini, M.; Andrae, R.; Arentsen, A. ; ... : 2019, The Messenger, 175, 30


4MOST Scientific Operations
Walcher, C. J.; Banerji, M.; Battistini, C.; Bell, C. P. M.; Bellido-Tirado, O.; Bensby, T.; Bestenlehner, J. M.; Boller, T.; Brynnel, J.; Casey, A.; Chiappini, C.; Christlieb, N.; Church, R.; Cioni, M. -R. L.; Croom, S.; Comparat, J.; Davies, L. J. M.; de Jong, R. S.; Dwelly, T.; Enke, H. ; ... : 2019, The Messenger, 175, 12


4MOST: Project overview and information for the First Call for Proposals
de Jong, R. S.; Agertz, O.; Berbel, A. A.; Aird, J.; Alexander, D. A.; Amarsi, A.; Anders, F.; Andrae, R.; Ansarinejad, B.; Ansorge, W.; Antilogus, P.; Anwand-Heerwart, H.; Arentsen, A.; Arnadottir, A.; Asplund, M.; Auger, M.; Azais, N.; Baade, D.; Baker, G.; Baker, S. ; ... 2019, The Messenger, 175, 3


The XMM-Newton serendipitous survey. VIII: The first XMM-Newton serendipitous source catalogue from overlapping observations
Traulsen, I.; Schwope, A.D., Lamer, G.; et al.: 2019
A&A, 624, A77


On the nature of the 35-day cycle in the X-ray binary Her X-1/HZ Her
Shakura, N., ... Schwope, A., ... : 2019,
IAUS 346, 281



On the ephemeris of the eclipsing polar HU Aqr. II: New eclipse epochs obtained 2014 - 2018
Schwope, A.D., Thinius, B.D.: 2018
AN 339, 540


On the nature of the 35-day cycle in the X-ray binary Her X-1/HZ Her
Shakura, N., ... Schwope, A., ... : 2018,
Modern Star Astronomy. Vol. 1, Astronomy-2018 (XIII Congress of the International Public Organization "Astronomical Society"). Conference Abstracts, Moscow: IZMIRAN, 2018. p. 308-316


Exploring the space density of X-ray selected cataclysmic variables
Schwope, A.D.: 2018
A&A, 619, A62


V902 Monocerotis: a likely disc-accreting intermediate polar
Worpel, H.: Schwope, A.D.; Traulsen, I.; Mukai, K.; Ok, S.: 2018
A&A 617, A52


Spectroscopic classification and Gaia DR2 parallaxes of new nearby white dwarfs among selected blue proper motion stars
Scholz, R.-D.; Meusinger, H.; Schwope, A.; Jahreiß, H.; Pelisoli, I.: 2018,
A&A, 619, A31


The Fourteenth Data Release of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey: First Spectroscopic Data from the extended Baryon Oscillation Sky Survey and from the second phase of the Apache Point Observatory Galactic Evolution Experiment
Abolfathi, Bela; Aguado, D. S.; Aguilar, Gabriela; et al.: 2018
ApJS 235, 42


Two new magnetic cataclysmic variables discovered in the 3XMM catalogue
Webb, N.: Schwope, A.; Zolotukhin, I.: Lin, D.: Rosen, S.R.: 2018
A&A 615, A133


Multiband counterparts of two eclipsing ultraluminous X-ray sources in M 51
Urquhart, R.; Soria, R.; Johnston, H.; Pakull, M.; Motch, C.; Schwope, A.; Miller-Jones, J.C.A.; Anderson, G.E.: 2018,
MNRAS 475, 3561


The Time-Domain Spectroscopic Survey: Target Selection for Repeat Spectroscopy
MacLeod, C.L.; Green, P.J.; Anderson, S.F.; et al.: 2018,
AJ 155, 6




The 13th Data Release of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey: First Spectroscopic Data from the SDSS-IV Survey mapping Nearby Galaxies at Apache Point Observatory
Albaretim F.D.; Allende Prieto, C.; Almeida, A.; et al.: 2017
ApJS 223, 25

Sloan Digital Sky Survey IV: Mapping the Milky Way, Nearby Galaxies, and the Distant Universe
Blanton, Michael R.; Bershady, Matthew A.; Abolfathi, Bela; et al.: 2017
AJ 154, 28


Identification spectra of several Northern Hemisphere CV candidates
Worpel, H.: Schwope, A.D.: 2017
AN 338, 794


Distant clusters of galaxies in the 2XMM/LBT footprint: follow-up observations with the LBT
Rabitz, A.; Lamer, G.; Schwope, A.: Takey, A.: 2017

A&A 697, A56


Neglected X-ray discovered polars: I. Giant flares in V358 Aquarii
Beuermann, K.; Burwitz, V.; Reinsch, K.; Schwope, A.; Thomas, H.-C.: 2017
A&A 603, A47


SPIDERS: Selection of spectroscopic targets using AGN candidates detected in all-sky X-ray surveys
Dwelly, T.; et al.: 2017
MNRAS 469, 1065


Follow-up of isolated neutron star candidates from the eROSITA survey
Pires, A.; Schwope, A.; Motch, C.: 2017
AN 328, 213


Sloan Digital Sky Survey IV. Mapping the Milky Way, Nearby Galaxies and the Distant Universe arXiv/170300052
Blanton, M.; et al.: 2017
AJ 154, 28


On the compactness of the isolated neutron star RX J0720.4-3125 arXiv/170207635
Hambaryan, V.; Suleimanov, V.; Haberl, F.; Schwope, A.D.; Neuhäuser, R.; Hohle, M.; Werner, K: 2016
A&A 601, A108


HIFLUGS: X-ray luminosity - dynamical mass relation and its implications for mass calibrations with the SPIDERS and 4MOST surveys
Zhang, Y.-Y.; Reiprich T.H.; Schneider, P.; Clerc, N.; Merloni, A.; Schwope, A.; Borm, K.; Andernach, H.; Caretta, C.A.; Wu, X.-P.: 2017
A&A 599, A138


Probing the dynamical and X-ray mass proxies of the cluster of galaxies Abell S1101
Rabitz, A.; Zhang, Y.-Y., Schwope, A.; Verdugo, M.; Reiprich, T.H.; Klein, M.: 2016
A&A 597, A24


X-ray selected BALQSOs
Page, M.J.; Carrera, F.J.; Ceballos,M.; Corral, A.; Ebrero, J.; Esquej, P.; Krumpe, M.; Mateos, S.; Rosen S.; Schwope, A.; Streblyanska, A.; Symeonidis, M.; Tedds, J.; Watson, M.G.: 2016
MNRAS 464, 4586

The Integrated cluster finder for the ARCHES project
Mints,A.; Schwope, A.; Rosen, S.; Pienau, F.-X.; Carrera, F.: 2017
A&A 597, A2



Doppler tomography
Marsh, T.; Schwope, A.D.: 2016
In Astronomy at High Angular Resolution, Henry M.J. Boffin, Gaitee Hussain, Jean-Philippe Berger, Linda Schmidtobreick (eds.), Springer, in press


The XMM-Newton serendipitous survey. VII. The third XMM-Newton serendipitous source catalogue
Rosen, S. R.; Webb, N. A.; Watson, M. G.; et al.: 2016
A&A 590, A1


The time-domain spectroscopic survey: a preview of the optically variable sky with SEQUELS in SDSS-III arXiv/160202752
Ruan, J.J.; Anderson, S.F.; Green, P.J.; Morganson, E.; Eracleous, M.; Myers, A.; Badenes, C.; Bershady, Matthew A.; Brandt, William N.: Chambers, Kenneth C.; Davenport, James R. A.; Dawson, Kyle S.; Flewelling, Heather; Heckman, Timothy M.; Isler, Jedidah C.; Kaiser, Nick; Kneib, Jean-Paul; MacLeod, Chelsea L.; Paris, Isabelle; Ross, Nicholas P.; Runnoe, Jessie C.; Schlafly, Edward F.; Schmidt, Sarah J.; Schneider, Donald P.; Schwope, Axel D.; Shen, Yue; Stassun, Keivan G.; Szkody, Paula; Waters, Christoper Z.; York, Donald G.: 2016
ApJ 825, 137


SPIDERS: spectroscopic follow-up of X-ray selected clusters of galaxies
Clerc, N.; Merloni, A.; Zhang, Y.-Y.; Finoguenov, A.; Dwelly, T.; Nandra, K.; Collins, C.; Dawson, K.; Kneib, J.-P.; Rozo, E.; Rykoff, E.; Sadibekova, T.; Brownstein, J.; Lin, Y.-T.; Ridl, J.; Salvato, M.; Schwope, A.; Steinmetz, M.; Seo, H.-J.; Tinker, J.: 2016,
MNRAS 463, 4490


Detached cataclysmic variables are crossing the orbital period gap arXiv/1601.07785
Zorotovic, M.; Schreiber, M.R.; Parsons, S.G.; Gänsicke, B.T.; Hardy, A.; Agurto, C.; Nebot Gomez-Moran, A.; Rebassa-Mansergas, A.; Schwope, A.D.: 2016,
MNRAS 457, 3867


X-ray and optical observations of four polars arXiv/1605.00927
Worpel, H.; Schwope, A.D., Granzer, Th.; Reinsch, K.; Schwarz, R.; Traulsen, I.: 2016
A&A 592, A114


The nature of the cataclysmic variable PT Per
Watson, M.G.; Bruce, A.; MacLeod, C.; Osborne, J.P.; Schwope, A.D.: 2016
MNRAS 460, 4282


A spectroscopic survey of X-ray selected AGN in the Northern XMM-XXL field arXiv/1511.07870
Menzel, M.-L.; Merloni, A.; Georgakakis, A.; Salvato, M.; Aubourg, E.; Brandt, W.N.; Brusa, M.; Buchner, J.; Dwelly, T.; Nandra, K.; Pâris, I.; Petitjean, P.; Schwope, A.: 2016
MNRAS 457, 110



Newton and optical observations of the eclipsing polar CSS081231:071126+440405
Worpel, H.; Schwope, A.D.: 2015
A&A 583, A130

Transmission Spectroscopy of the inflated exo-Saturn HAT-P-19b

Mallonn, M., Weingrill, J., Strassmeier, K.G., Ribas, I., von Essen, C., Carroll, T., Herrero, E., Granzer, T., Claret, A., and Schwope, A.: 2014
A&A 580, A60


New XMM-Newton observation of the thermally emitting isolated neutron star 2XMM J104608.7-594306
Pires, A.M.; Motch, C.; Turolla, R.; Popov, S.B.; Schwope, A.D.; Treves, A.: 2015
A&A 583, A117

The XMM-Newton serendipitous survey VII. The third XMM-Newton serendipitous source catalogue arXiv/2015.150407
Rosen, S.R., Webb, N., Watson, M.G., et al.: 2015
A&A, subm.

Background subtraction and transient timing with Bayesian blocks arXiv/1503.04592
Worpel, H.; Schwope, A.D.: 2015
A&A 578, A80

Dissecting accretion and outflows in accreting white dwarf binaries arXiv/1501.02767
de Martino, et al.: 2015
White Paper in Support of the Mission Concept of the Large Observatory for X-ray Timing, online publication only


The Eleventh and Twelfth Data Releases of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey: Final Data from SDSS-III arXiv/1501.00963

Alam, S., et al.: 2015
APJS 219, 12


Multi-epoch time-resolved photometry of the eclipsing polar CSS081231:071126+440405


Schwope, A.D.; Mackebrandt, F.; Thinius, B.D.; Littlefield, C.; Garnavich, P.; Oksanen, A. : 2014
Astronomische Nachrichten 336, 115


Worldwide variations in artificial skyglow

Kyba, C; Tong, K.P.; Bennie, J.J; Birriel, I.; Birriel, J.J.; Cool, A.; Danielsen, A.; Davies, T.W.; den Outer, P.; Edwards, W.; Ehlert, R.; Falchi, F.; Fischer, J.; Giacomelli, A.; Giubbilini, F.; Haaima, M.; Hesse, C.; Heygster, G.; Hölker, F.; Inger, R.; Jensen, L.J.;Kuechly, H.U.; Kuehn, J.; Langill, P.; Lolkema, D.E.; Nagy, M.; Nievas, M.; Ochi, N.; Popow, E.; Posch, Th.; Puschnig, J.; Ruhtz, Th.; Schmidt, W.; Schwarz, R.; Schwope, A.; Spoelstra, H.; Tekatch, A.; Trueblood, M.; Walker, C.E.; Weber, M.; Welch, D.L.; Zamorano, J.; Gaston, K.J: 2014
Nature Scientific Reports 5, Article number 8409





Probing the accretion processes in soft X-ray selected polars arXiv/1407.0322

Traulsen, I.; Reinsch, K.; Schwope, A.D.: 2014
Acta Polytecnica, in press


Transmission Spectroscopy of the inflated exo-Saturn HAT-P-19b

Mallonn, M., Weingrill, J., Strassmeier, K.G., Ribas, I., von Essen, C., Carroll, T., Herrero, E., Granzer, T., Claret, A., and Schwope, A.: 2014
A&A, subm


On the ephemeris of the eclipsing polar HU Aqr arXiv/1403.4160

Schwope, A.D., Thinius: 2014,
AN 335, 357

Evidence for an oscillation of the magnetic axis of the white dwarf in the polar DP Leonis arXiv/1401.1638
Beuermann, K.; Dreizler, S.; Hessman, F.V.; Schwope, A.D.: 2013,
A&A 562, A63

The 2XMMi/SDSS Galaxy Cluster Survey. III. Clusters associated with spectroscopically targeted LRGs in SDSS-DR10 arXiv/1403.0758

Takey, A.; Schwope, A.; Lamer, G.: 2013,
A&A 564, A54

XMM-Newton observations of the low-luminosity cataclysmic variable V405 Pegasi astro-ph/1312.0508
Schwope, A.D.; Scipione, V.; Traulsen, I.; Schwarz, R.; Granzer, T.; Pires, A.M.; Thorstensen, J.R.: 2014,
A&A 561, A121

The night sky brightness at Potsdam-Babelsberg astro-ph/1307.2038
Puschnig, J.; Schwope, A.; Posch, Th.; Schwarz, R.: 2014,
JQSRT 139, 76

Kinematic analysis of a sample of X-ray luminous distant galaxy clusters astro-ph/1311.4879
Nastasi, A.; Boehringer, H.; Fassbender, R.; de Hoon, A.; Lamer, G.; Mohr, J.J.; Padilla, N.; Pratt, G.W.; Quintana, H.; Rosati, P.; Santos, J.S.; Schwope, A.D.; Suhada, R.; Verdugo, M.: 2013,
A&A 564, A17

Phase-resolved X-ray spectroscopy and spectral energy distribution of the X-ray soft polar RS Caeli astro-ph/1401.1372
Traulsen, I., Reinsch, K., Schwope, A.D., Schwarz, R., Walter, F.M., Burwitz, V.: 2014,
A&A 562, A42




The space density of magnetic cataclysmic variables astro-ph/1303.4270
Pretorius, M.L., Knigge, C., Schwope, A.D.: 2013 
MNRAS 432, 570

The Large Observatory For X-ray Timing: LOFT
Bozzo, E.; plus the LOFT consortium: 2013,
Proceedings Conf. "An INTEGRAL view of the high-energy sky (the first 10 years)", Paris, October 15-19, 2012

The 2XMMi/SDSS Galaxy Cluster Survey. II. The optically confirmed cluster sample and the LX-T relation arXiv/1308.6699
Takey, A.; Schwope, A.; Lamer, G.: 2013,
A&A 558, A75

The XMM-Newton SSC survey of the Galactic Plane astro-ph/1302.6479
Nebot Gomez-Moran, A.; Motch, C.; Barcons, X.; Carrera, F.; Ceballos, M.; Cropper, M.; Grosso, N.; Guillout, P.; Herent, O.; Mateos, S.; Michel, L.; Osborne, J.P.; Pakull, M.W.; Pineau, F.X.; Pye, J.P.; Roberts, T.; Rosen, S.; Schwope, A.D.; Watson, M.G.; Webb, N.A.: 2013,
A&A 553, A12

The XMM-Newton Wide Angle Survey (XWAS) astro-ph/1302.5329
Esquej, P.; Page, M.; Carrera, F. J.; Mateos, S.; Tedds, J.; Watson, M. G.; Corral, A.; Ebrero, J.; Krumpe, M.; Rosen, S. R.; Ceballos, M. T.; Schwope, A.; Page, C.; Alonso-Herrero, A.; Caccianiga, A.; Della Ceca, R.; Gonzalez-Martín, O.; Lamer, G.; Severgnini, P.: 2013,
A&A 557, A123

Galaxy clusters in a deep XMM-Newton field within the CFHTLS D4 astro-ph/1301.3506
de Hoon, A.; Lamer, G.; Schwope, A.; Muehlegger, M.; Fassbender, R.; Boehringer, H.; Lerchster, M., Nastasi, A.; Suhada, R.; Brimioulle, F.; Dietrich, J.; Rosati, P.; Pierini, D.; Verdugo, M.; Santos, J.S.; Quintana, H.; Rabitz, A.; Takey, A.: 2013,
A&A 551, A8

The Hot and Energetic Universe: End points of stellar evolution arXiv/1306.2334
Motch, Ch.; Wilms, J.; Barret, D.; Becker, W.; Bogdanov, S.; Boirin, L.; Corbel, S.; Cackett, E.; Campana, S.; de Martino, D.; Haberl, F.; in't Zand, J.; Méndez, M.; Mignani, R.; Miller, J.; Orio, M.; Psaltis, D.; Rea, N.; Rodriguez, J.; Rozanska, A.; Schwope, A.; Steiner, A.; Webb, N.; Zampieri, L.; Zane, S.: 2013,
Supporting paper for the science theme "The Hot and Energetic Universe" to be implemented by the Athena+ X-ray observatory

The Hot and Energetic Universe: The evolution of galaxy groups and clusters arXiv/1306.2319
Pointecouteau, E.; Reiprich, T. H.; Adami, C.; Arnaud, M.; Biffi, V.; Borgani, S.; Borm, K.; Bourdin, H.; Brueggen, M.; Bulbul, E.; Clerc, N.; Croston, J. H.; Dolag, K.; Ettori, S.; Finoguenov, A.; Kaastra, J.; Lovisari, L.; Maughan, B.; Mazzotta, P.; Pacaud, F.; de Plaa, J.; Pratt, G. W.; Ramos-Ceja, M.; Rasia, E.; Sanders, J.; Zhang, Y.-Y.; Allen, S.; Boehringer, H.; Brunetti, G.; Elbaz, D.; Fassbender, R.; Hoekstra, H.; Hildebrandt, H.; Lamer, G.; Marrone, D.; Mohr, J.; Molendi, S.; Nevalainen, J.; Ohashi, T.; Ota, N.; Pierre, M.; Romer, K.; Schindler, S.; Schrabback, T.; Schwope, A.; Smith, R.; Springel, V.; von der Linden, A.: 2013,
Supporting paper for the science theme "The Hot and Energetic Universe" to be implemented by the Athena+ X-ray observatory

The Hot and Energetic Universe: A White Paper presenting the science theme motivating the Athena+ mission arXiv/1306.2307
Nandra, K.; plus 239 coauthors: 2013
Submitted in response to the call for White Papers for the definition of the L2 and L3 missions in the ESA Science program.

LOFT - the Large Observatory For X-ray Timing astro-ph/1209.1497
Feroci, M.; den Herder, J.W.; Bozzo, E.; plus 245 co-authors: 2012,
To appear in the proceedings of the SPIE Astronomical Instrumentation + Telescopes conference, Amsterdam, 2012

4MOST - 4-metre Multi-Object Spectroscopic Telescope astro-ph/1206.6885
de Jong, R.S.; Bellido-Tirado, O.; Chiappini, C.; Depagne, E.; Haynes, R.; Johl, D.; Schnurr, O.; Schwope, A.; Walcher, J.; Dionies, F.; plus 75 coauthors: 2012
To appear in the proceedings of the SPIE Astronomical Instrumentation + Telescopes conference, Amsterdam, 2012