IAU Symposium 354: Magnetfelder der Sonne und der Sterne

The Leibniz-Insitute for Astrophysics Potsdam (AIP) invites together with the New Jersey Institute of Technology to a symposium of the International Astronomical Union. It is going to take place during the total solar eclipse in Chile in summer 2019. Its topic is one of AIPs central scientific interests: solar and stellar magnetic fields.

One of the puzzles of solar and stellar magnetism is related to the origin of extreme flare events. Despite the very weak magnetic cycle the Sun produced, in 2017 some of the strongest flares in the history of observations were seen. How are such observations related to the magnetism of stars that produce super-flares? What physical mechanism may cause such extreme events?  These and more questions will be discussed at the conference. The role of stellar magnetism in the interactions of stars and their planets is also of special interest for determining conditions for the habitability of planets.

The Symposium will include an open public session on solar eclipses and planetary transits. In particular, total solar eclipses provide high-resolution measurements of the magnetic field in the low corona, which cannot be obtained by any other means. The Symposium has thus been organized to embrace the total solar eclipse in Chile on July 2nd. In addition, this session will present a broad historical overview of solar eclipses, planetary transits, their role in astronomy, as well as a general talk on habitability of exoplanets.

More information and the registration form for the symposium can be found on the conference web page.


Web page: https://iaus354.aip.de

Scientific Contact: Prof. K. G. Strassmeier, 0331-7499-223, kstrassmeier@aip.de

Press Contact: Franziska Gräfe, 0331-7499 803, presse@aip.de