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Science is international

3 February 2017. The Alliance of Science Organisations in Germany is concerned about the immigration ban issued by US President Donald Trump on 27 January 2017. It sees it as "a sweeping discrimination against human beings on the basis of their ethnicity and consequently an act of aggression on the fundamental values of science".
Science is international

Statement of the Alliance of Science Organizations in Germany

"The generation of scientific insights is contingent upon discourse that is forthright, unfettered and international. It hinges on the interdisciplinary personal exchange between academic dis- ciplines, nations and cultures. The executive order signed by the President of the United States this past Friday is a sweeping discrimination of human beings based on their ethnicity and con- sequently also an act of aggression against the fundamental values of science. Hence, German Scientific Organizations are extremely concerned about the President’s executive order. It is not a justified tool to use in the necessary fight against terrorism and will gravely impair the international exchange that is of such critical importance for scientific collaboration."

Read the full statement here.