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Kolloquien und Seminare seit 2012

Sofia Randich - INAF-Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri
Open star clusters in Gaia and the Gaia-ESO Survey: a revolution in stellar physics and stellar age determination
Eline Tolstoy (Uni Groningen)
Galactic Palaeontology
Scott Gregory (St Andrews)
The coronal genealogy of low-mass stars
Federico Lelli (ESO)
Structure and Dynamics of Nearby Galaxies
Mark Miesch (High Altitude Observatory)
Cycle Variability and Surface Flux Transport in a 3D Babcock-Leighton Solar Dynamo Model
In Sung Jang (AIP)
The tip of the red giant branch distances to type Ia supernova host galaxies and the Hubble constant
Smitha Subramanian (KIAA, Beijing)
Mapping the Magellanic Clouds in 3D to trace their interaction history
George Younis (George Washington University)
The Strongest Magnets in the Universe
Stefano Minardi (AIP)
Integrated astrophotonics
Karen Masters (ICG, Portsmouth)
Constraints on Galaxy Evolution from Galaxy Morphology
Wer macht was
Jochen Liske (Hamburg)
The low-redshift universe as seen by the Galaxy And Mass Assembly survey
Alessandra Buonanno (Albert Einstein Institute, Potsdam)
The New Era of Precision Gravitational-Wave Astrophysics
Alexei Pevtsov (National Solar Observatory, USA and University of Oulu, Finland)
“Old” data – new science or why do we need long-term synoptic programs
Volker Bromm (University of Texas at Austin)
The First Stars and Galaxies: Countdown to the JWST
Vardha Bennert (Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo)
The Origin of the Black Hole Mass Scaling Relations
Jake D. Turner (University of Virginia)
The search for radio emission from exoplanets using LOFAR low-frequency beam-formed observations
Mirko Krumpe (AIP)
Clustering measurements of Active Galactic Nuclei
Carlos Frenk (ICC, Durham)
A conclusive test of cold dark matter