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  • Allington-Smith, J., Dubbeldam, C.M., Content, R., Dunlop, C.J., Robertson, D.J., Elias, J., Rodgers, B., Turner, J.
    Integral field spectroscopy with the Gemini Near-Infrared Spectrograph
    SPIE 5492 (2004)

  • Arribas, S., Colina, L.
    INTEGRAL Spectroscopy of IRAS 17208-0014: Implications for the Evolutionary Scenarios of Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies
    ApJ 591 (2003) 791 (ADS)

  • Becker, T., Fabrika, S. , Roth, M.M.
    Crowded Field 3D Spectroscopy
    AN 325 (2004) 2, 155 ( ADS | astro-ph)

  • Bower, R. G.; Morris, S. L.; Bacon, R.; Wilman, R. J.; Sullivan, M.; Chapman, S.; Davies, R. L.; de Zeeuw, P. T.; Emsellem, E.
    Deep SAURON spectral imaging of the diffuse Lyman α halo LAB1 in SSA 22
    MNRAS 351 (2004) 1, 63 (ADS)

  • Bower, R. G.; Morris, S. L.; Bacon, R.; Wilman, R.; Sullivan, M.; Chapman, S.; Davies, R. L.; de Zeeuw, P. T.
    The SAURON Deep Field: Investigating the Diffuse Lyman-α Halo of Blob1 in SSA 22
    ING Newsl. 7 (2003) 5 (ADS)

  • Bunker, A.; Smith, J.; Parry, I.; Sharp, R.; Dean, A.; Gilmore, G.; Bower, R.; Swinbank, M.; Davies, R.; Metcalf, R. B.; de Grijs, R.
    Extragalactic integral field spectroscopy on the Gemini telescopes
    AN 325 (2004) 2, 139 (ADS)

  • Christensen, L., Sánchez, S. F., Jahnke, K., Becker, T., Wisotzki, L., Kelz, A., Popovic, L. C., Roth, M. M.
    Integral field spectroscopy of extended Ly-α emission from the DLA galaxy in Q2233+131
    A&A 417 (2004) 487 ( ADS )

  • Christensen, L., Sanchez, S.F., Jahnke, K., Becker, T., Kelz, A., Wisotzki, L., Roth, M.M.
    Integral Field observations of damped Lyman-α galaxies
    AN 325 (2004) 2, 124 ( ADS )

  • Colina, L., Arribas, S., Clements, D.
    INTEGRAL Field Spectroscopy of the Extended Ionized Gas in Arp 220
    ApJ 602 (2004) 181 (ADS)

  • Content, R., Morris, S.L., Dubbeldam, M.
    Microslices and low-cost spectrographs for million element integral field spectrographs
    SPIE 4842 (2003) 174 (ADS)

  • Covone, G., Napolitano, N. R.
    A detailed view on the kinematics of candidate intermediate luminosity early-type galaxies with a lack of dark matter
    AN 325 (2004) 2, 104 (ADS)

  • Cuby, J.-G., Le Fevre, O., McCracken, H., Cuillandre, J.-C., Magnier, E., Gilmozzi, R., Moorwood, A.F.M., van der Werf, P.P., Meneux, B.
    Searching high-z Lyα emitters
    SPIE 4834 (2003) 345 (ADS)

  • de Grijs, R., Smith, L. J., Bunker, A., Sharp, R. G., Gallagher, J. S., Anders, P., Lançon, A., O'Connell, R. W., Parry, I. R.
    CIRPASS near-infrared integral-field spectroscopy of massive star clusters in the starburst galaxy NGC 1140
    MNRAS 352 (2004) 1, 263 (ADS | astro-ph)

  • Eisenhauer, F., et al.
    First results from SPIFFI, II: The luminous infrared galaxy NGC 6240 and the luminous sub-millimeter galaxy SMMJ 14011+0252
    AN 325 (2004) 2, 120 (ADS)

  • Eisenhauer, F.; Schödel, R.; Genzel, R.; Ott, T.; Tecza, M.; Abuter, R.; Eckart, A.; Alexander, T.
    A Geometric Determination of the Distance to the Galactic Center
    ApJ 597 (2003) L121 (ADS | astro-ph)

  • Eisenhauer, F., et al.
    The Universe in 3D: First Observations with SPIFFI, the Infrared Integral Field Spectrometer for the VLT
    ESO Messenger 113 (2003) 17 (ADS)

  • Falcón-Barroso, J., Peletier, R.F., Emsellem, E., Kuntschner, H., Fathi, K., Bureau, M., Bacon, R., Cappellari, M., Copin, Y., Davies, R.L., de Zeeuw, T.
    Formation and evolution of S0 galaxies: a SAURON case study of NGC 7332
    MNRAS 350 (2004) 1, 35 (ADS)

  • Falcón-Barroso, J.; Bacon, R.; Bureau, M.; Cappellari, M.; Davies, R. L.; Emsellem, E.; Krajnovic, D.; Kuntschner, H.; McDermid, R.; Peletier, R. F.; de Zeeuw, P. T.
    A SAURON look at galaxy bulges
    AN 325 (2004) 2, 92 (ADS)

  • Flores, H.; Puech, M.; Hammer, F.; Garrido, O.; Hernandez, O.
    GIRAFFE multiple integral field units at VLT: A unique tool to recover velocity fields of distant galaxies
    A&A 420 (2004) L31 (ADS)

  • Foucaud, S.; Scodeggio, M.; Zanichelli, A.; Garilli, B.; Giallongo, E.:
    Observing the high redshift Universe using the VIMOS-IFU
    AN 325 (2004) 2, 143 (ADS | astro-ph)

  • Ferruit, P., and the Euro3D consortium
    EURO3D: promoting 3D spectroscopy
    in: Optical and Infrared Astronomical Instrumentation for Modern Telescopes, Angra dos Reis (Brazil), electr. publ.

  • Gerssen, J.
    Stellar kinematics in the centers of globular clusters
    AN 325 (2004) 2, 84 (ADS)

  • Gomez-Alvarez, P., Mediavilla, E., Sanchez, S.F., Arribas, S., Wisotzki, L., Wambsganss, J., Lewis, G., Munoz, J.A.
    Integral field spectroscopy of the gravitational lens HE1104-1805
    AN 325 (2004) 2, 132

  • Henault, F., et al.
    MUSE: a second-generation integral-field spectrograph for the VLT
    SPIE 4841 (2003) 1096 (ADS)

  • Horrobin, M., et al.
    First results from SPIFFI. I: The Galactic Center
    AN 325 (2004) 2, 88 (ADS)

  • Jahnke, K., Wisotzki, L, Sanchez, S.F., Christensen, L., Becker, T., Kelz, A. , Roth, M.M.
    Integral field spectroscopy of QSO host galaxies
    AN 325 (2004) 2, 128 ( ADS | astro-ph)

  • Jungwiert B., Ferruit P., Stoklasova I. & AGN working group of the Euro3D consortium
    Extended narrow emission-line regions in Seyfert galaxies: 3D spectroscopy and kinematical modelling with N-body gas velocity fields
    poster at the ESO workshop on "Physics of AGN at all scales", Santiago, Chile, December 2003 (in press)

  • Jungwiert B., Ferruit P., Stoklasova I. & AGN working group of the Euro3D consortium
    Integral field spectroscopy and kinematical modelling of nearby active galaxies
    poster at the conference on "Multiwavelength surveys of active galactic nuclei", Cozumel, Mexico, December 2003 (in press)

  • Jungwiert B., Ferruit P., Stoklasova I., Emsellem E., & AGN working group of the Euro3D consortium
    Modelling morphologies, kinematics and excitation of extended emission-line regions in Seyfert galaxies
    2004, poster at the IAU symposium 222, Grando, Brazil (in press)

  • Kissler-Patig, M., Copin, Y., Ferruit, P., Pecontal-Rousset, A., Roth, M.M.
    The Euro3D data format: A common FITS data format for integral field spectrographs
    AN 325 (2004) 2, 159 ( ADS )

  • Lípari, S.; Dottori, H.; Mediavilla, E.; Terlevich, R.; Diaz, R.; Taniguchi, Y.; Garcia-Lorenzo, B.; Acosta-Pulido, J.; Zheng, W.
    IR Mergers/QSOs with Galactic Winds
    IAU Symp. 217, ASP (2004), 302 (ADS)

  • Lípari, S.; Mediavilla, E.; Díaz, R. J.; García-Lorenzo, B.; Acosta-Pulido, J.; Agüero, M. P.; Terlevich, R.
    Infrared mergers and infrared quasi-stellar objects with galactic winds - I. NGC 2623: nuclear outflow in a proto-elliptical candidate
    MNRAS 348 (2004) 2, 369 (ADS)

  • McDermid, R., et al.
    OASIS high-resolution integral field spectroscopy of the SAURON ellipticals and lenticulars
    AN 325 (2004) 2, 100 (ADS)

  • Metcalf, R. Benton; Moustakas, Leonidas A.; Bunker, Andrew J.; Parry, Ian R.
    Spectroscopic Gravitational Lensing and Limits on the Dark Matter Substructure in Q2237+0305
    ApJ 607 (2004) 43 (ADS | astro-ph)

  • Miller, B.; Lotz, J.; Hilker, M.; Kissler-Patig, M.; Puzia, T.; Stiavelli, M.
    GMOS Spectroscopy of Globular Clusters in Virgo and Fornax dEs
    AAS 204 (2004) 8010 (ADS)

  • Murray, Graham J.; Allington-Smith, Jeremy R.; Content, Robert; Davies, Roger L.; Dodsworth, George N.; Miller, Bryan; Jorgensen, Inger; Hook, Isobel; Crampton, David; Murowinski, Richard G.
    Gemini-north multiobject spectrograph: integral field unit
    SPIE 4841 (2003) 1750 (ADS)

  • Parry, I., Bunker, A., Dean, A., Doherty, M., Horton, A., King, D., Lemoine-Busserolle, Mackay, C., McMahon, R., Medlen, S., Sharp, R., Smith, J
    CIRPASS: description, performance, and scientific results
    SPIE 5492-50 (2004)

  • Pécontal-Rousset, A.; Bacon, R.; Copin, Y.; Emsellem, E.; Ferruit, P.; Pécontal, E.
    Software Tools for 3D spectrography
    ADASS XIII, ASP Conf. Proc. 314 (2004) 491 (ADS)

  • Pécontal-Rousset, A.; Copin, Y.; Ferruit, P.
    The Euro3D LCL I/O library
    AN 325 (2004) 2, 163 (ADS)

  • Prieto, Eric; Bonneville, Christophe; Ferruit, Pierre; Allington-Smith, Jeremy R.; Bacon, Roland; Content, Robert; Henault, Francois; LeFevre, Oliver; Blanc, P. E.
    Great opportunity for NGST-NIRSPEC: a high-resolution integral field unit
    SPIE 4850 (2003) 486 (ADS)

  • Roth, M.M., Becker, T., Böhm, P., Kelz, A.
    Science Verification Results from PMAS
    AN 325 (2004) 2, 147 ( ADS | astro-ph)

  • Roth, M.M., Becker, T., Kelz, A., Schmoll, J.
    3D Spectrophotometry of Planetary Nebulae in the Bulge of M31
    ApJ 603 (2004) 531 ( ADS | astro-ph)

  • Sanchez, S.F.
    E3D, The Euro3D Visualization Tool
    ADASS XIII, ASP Conf. Proc. 314 (2004), 517 (ADS)

  • Sanchez, S.F.
    E3D, The Euro3D Visualization Tool I: Description of the program and its capabilities
    AN 325 (2004) 2, 167 (ADS | astro-ph)

  • Sanchez, S.F., Becker, T., Kelz, A.
    E3D, The Euro3D Visualization Tool II: mosaics, VIMOS data and large IFUs of the future
    AN 325 (2004) 2, 171 ( ADS | astro-ph)

  • Sanchez, S.F., Christensen, L., Becker, T., Kelz, A., Jahnke, K., Benn, C.R., Garcia-Lorenzo, B., Roth, M.M.
    The merging/AGN connection: A case for 3D spectroscopy
    AN 325 (2004) 2, 112 ( ADS | astro-ph)

  • Sanchez, S.F., Garcia-Lorenzo, B., Mediavilla, E., Gonzalez-Serrano, J.I., Christensen, L.
    Clean optical spectrum of the radio jet of 3C 120
    ApJ accept. (astro-ph)

  • Schmoll, J., Roth, M.M., Laux, U.
    Statistical Test of Optical Fibers for Use in PMAS, the Potsdam Multi-Aperture Spectrophotometer
    PASP 115 (2004) 845

  • Schmoll, J., Dodsworth, G., Allington-Smith, J., Content, R., Murray, G., Robertson, D.J.
    Design and construction of the IMACS-IFU: a 2000-element integral field unit
    SPIE 5492 (2004)

  • Schreiber, J.; Thatte, N.; Eisenhauer, F.; Tecza, M.; Abuter, R.; Horrobin, M.
    Data Reduction Software for the VLT Integral Field Spectrometer SPIFFI
    ADASS XIII, ASP Conf. Proc. 314 (2004) 380 (ADS)

  • Sharp, R.G., Parry, I.R., Ryder, S.D., Knapen, J.H., Mazzuca, L.M.
    Age-dating a star-burst with GEMINI/CIRPASS observations of the core of M83
    AN 325 (2004) 2, 108 (astro-ph)

  • Smith, J., Bunker, A.J., Vogt, N., Abraham, R., Aragon-Salamanca, A., Bower, R., Parry, I.R., Sharp, R., Swinbank, A.
    Near-infrared Integral Field Spectroscopy of CFRS 22.1313 with CIRPASS
    subm. to MNRAS

  • Swinbank, A. M.; Smith, J.; Bower, R. G.; Bunker, A.; Smail, I.; Ellis, R. S.; Smith, Graham P.; Kneib, J.-P.; Sullivan, M.; Allington-Smith, J.
    Galaxies under the Cosmic Microscope: A Gemini Multiobject Spectrograph Study of Lensed Disk Galaxy 289 in A2218
    ApJ 598 (2003) 162 (ADS)

  • Tecza, M., et al.
    SPIFFI Observations of the Starburst SMM J14011+0252:Already Old, Fat, and Rich by z=2.565
    ApJ 605 (2004) L109 (ADS | astro-ph)

  • van Zyl, L.; Charles, P. A.; Arribas, S.; Naylor, T.; Mediavilla, E.; Hellier, C.
    The X-ray binary X2127+119 in M15: evidence for a very low mass, stripped-giant companion
    MNRAS 350 (2004) 2, 649 (ADS)

  • Verheijen, M.A.W., Bershady, M.A., Andersen, D.R., Swaters, R.A., Westfall, K., Kelz, A., Roth, M.M.
    The Disk Mass project; science case for a new PMAS IFU module
    AN 325 (2004) 2, 151 ( ADS | astro-ph)

  • Walsh, J. R., ed.
    Euro3D Science Conference Proceedings
    AN 325 (2004) 2 (ADS)

  • Wisotzki, L., Becker, T., Christensen, L., Jahnke, K., Helms, A., Kelz, A., Roth, M.M., Sanchez, S.F.
    Integral field spectrophotometry of gravitationally lensed QSOs with PMAS
    AN 325 (2004) 2, 135 ( ADS )

  • Wisotzki, L., Schechter, P.L., Chen, H.-W., Richstone, D., Jahnke, K., Sanchez, S.F., Reimers, D.
    HE 0047-1756: A new gravitationally lensed double QSO
    A&A 419 (2004) L31 (ADS | astro-ph)

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