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Long Night of the Sciences 2023

During the event, visitors can explore the impressive dome building of the Great Refractor, which has both historical and architectural significance, and gain fascinating insights into ongoing AIP research through lectures. Children can participate in the handicraft table activities, creating star charts and earning their Telegrafenberg research diploma by taking part in an astro quiz. In the evening, the musical duo “Babel Collage” will provide live music, creating a festive atmosphere. If the weather permits, guests will also have the chance to observe the sky through the telescope starting from the late afternoon.

While the dome of the historic lens telescope offers a diverse programme suitable for astronomy enthusiasts of all ages, the Einstein Tower will be open to visitors for the first time since 2019 after undergoing extensive renovation work. Additionally, a recreation of the Michelson experiment, which earned a Nobel Prize in Physics, will be accessible for viewing at the experiment’s original location.

Lectures in the seminar room of the Great Refractor (in German):

6:20 p.m. Dr. Christian Vocks: The Sun – Our Nearest Star

7:20 p.m. apl. Prof. Dr. Carsten Denker: The Sun as a Chronometer of Physical Processes

8:20 p.m. Dr. Ralf Scholz: Inconspicuous Stars in Our Cosmic Neighbourhood

9.20 p.m. Dr. Axel Hofmann: Erich Mendelsohn – the architect of the Einstein Tower

Programme in the dome hall:

Handicraft table for children, astro quiz (research diploma)

Telescope and exhibition visit

From approximately 6 p.m.: Observation with the Great Refractor – subject to clear skies

From 9 p.m.: Live music – featuring French chansons, jazz, and swing by Babel Collage

Einstein Tower:

Guided tours until 11 p.m.

Michelson basement:

6 p.m. – 10 p.m.: Tour of the experiment

Last update: 13. June 2023