Fellowships for postdoctoral researchers

The AIP can host postdoctoral researchers on independent fellowships. Applications for such independent research funding are possible via several German and European programs, some of which are listed below. Other opportunities, such as those restricted to candidates from specific countries of origin, can be found in the DAAD Scholarship Database: https://www2.daad.de/deutschland/stipendium/datenbank/en/21148-scholarship-database/.

For researchers at risk from crisis areas, which currently includes the Ukraine, a stipend is also possible via the Philipp-Schwartz Initiative of the Humboldt foundation.

We encourage interested candidates to identify and contact potential hosts at the AIP, to discuss these options and evaluate whether and how an application can be supported.

1) Humboldt Fellowship

The Humboldt Fellowship provides a stipend for two years, as well as some research funds. The fellowship offers some additional benefits, in particular a paid, 2 to 4-months long, full-time German language course before the fellowship. Applications are possible at any time throughout the year. 

2) Walther Benjamin Program

The Walther Benjamin programme by the DFG provides postdoctoral researchers with funding for their own research project for up to two years. During this time they will be employees of the hosting institute, and also get some additional research funds. It is aimed at young postdocs who have recently finished their PhD. There is no fixed application deadline, submissions are possible at any time (but only after the PhD thesis was submitted).

3) Marie Curie Fellowship

The European Marie Curie fellowship program provides up to two years of funding for postdoctoral researchers at a European research institute. It emphasizes training, acquiring new skills, and advancing the career of the funded researchers. There is a yearly call with an application deadline typically in September.

Last update: 1. March 2022