Villa Turbulence, former residence of AIP directors

Credit: AIP/R. Arlt

Wolfram Rosenbach

Area Head
Office: LH,Villa/1-13,33
Phone: +49 331 7499 811

The administration at the Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics Potsdam is managed directly by the administrative chairman. The administrative staff provides all commercial and executive services for the basic operations of core tasks within science and research at the AIP.

The Administrative department is organized into three sections:

  • Finance
  • Personnel and Legal Affairs
  • Central Services

The headquarters of the AIP is the research campus in Babelsberg, Potsdam. Beyond this, the administration supports the antenna field in Bormim, and the Einstein Tower and Great Refractor on Telegrafenberg. The administration provides its services in a multifaceted and dynamic research environment. Working within its core tasks, the administration sees to the specific and demanding needs of science and research.

Section Finance


  • Financial management of the institute with a budget of about 16 Million Euros
  • Management of third party funds and grants
  • Management of the “Johann-Wempe-Stiftung”, a fiduciary foundation
  • Commercial procurement implementation with a purchasing volume of ca. 6 million Euros

Head: Ulrich Boyer

Section Personnel and Legal Affairs


  • Settlement of legal matters and local contract management
  • Human resource management for ca. 190 staff members
  • Travel expense management

Head: Gernot Rosenkranz

Section Central Services


  • Building supervision
  • Infrastructure management and building services
  • Logistics and waste management
  • Safety and health in the workplace and protection of the environment at the AIP
  • Social affairs

Head Building services: Dennis Nagel

Head Building supervision: Katrin Tygör

Last update: 23. February 2021