Visiting the Einstein Tower

The construction works are nearly finished. Interior visits of the Einstein Tower are possible again starting in October 2023.
The Einstein Tower with construction fence.

An outside visit of the tower is possible at any time during the day and highly recommended. Guests have to register at the entrance of the science park.

Visiting the interior is only possible during the winter months, as the telescope and optics laboratory are in constant use for current research tasks. In general, the interior can only be visited as part of a guided tour, where further information about the building, the telescope and current tasks are explained. The Urania Potsdam usually organises guided tours.

Interested parties are kindly requested to contact:

Urania Association "Wilhelm Foerster" e. V.
Gutenbergstr. 71/72
14467 Potsdam

Tel.: +49 331 291741
Fax: +49 331 29 36 83

Please understand that we have to limit the number of visitors. The building is designed as an observatory and is not suitable for large groups. In addition, the open construction inside makes the optical instruments very sensitive to dust and humidity. Registration for all Urania events is therefore absolutely necessary! Individual further agreements are possible to a limited extent, arranged by Urania.

Groups of school pupils and students may also contact the press and public outreach section directly via


The Einstein Tower in spring 2008.

Credit: AIP/R. Arlt
Inside view of the open dome of the Einstein Tower with telescope mirrors.

Inside view of the Einstein Tower's open dome with telescope mirrors.

Credit: AIP/R. Arlt
Last update: 7. September 2023