Stellar Physics and Exoplanets

Credit: AIP/J. Fohlmeister

The research section Stellar Physics and Exoplanets investigates how stars and exoplanets evolve. Our scientists study exoplanets through photometric and spectroscopic observations to gain glimpses into their atmospheres. The size and chemical composition of atmospheres are investigated to understand how planets form and behave under the stellar irradiation.

The host stars of exoplanets are a determining factor in understanding the properties of exoplanets. Therefore, understanding stars and their similarities or differences to the Sun is a major goal of this research section. We observe and model different stellar atmosphere layers, and use high-resolution spectra and polarimetry to understand the stellar surface and the magnetic field structure.

The embedded group Stellar Activity studies the magnetism of stars and its link to stellar rotation. Extensive surveys of stellar clusters are used to understand the changing rotation of stars over their lifetime.

Last update: 11. June 2021