Gender equality, inclusion and family


innoFSPEC scientists Dr. Aline Dinkelaker and Dr. Aashia Rahman in the laboratory.

Credit: AIP/ K. Madhav

Gender Equality and Inclusion

The AIP promotes gender equality and provides an attractive work environment, inviting all staff members to engage.

Confronted with a surplus of men, as is common for engineering and natural sciences, the institute deliberately supports the professional education and career of women.

As a Leibniz institute, the AIP is committed to the Leibniz Equality Standards (in German).

The AIP complies with the European Commission's guidelines on gender equality in the form of a Gender Equality Plan (GEP).

Compatibility of family and career

To ensure the balance of career and family, the AIP offers various services.   This includes the support and further development of:

  • Part-time work
  • Flexible working hours
  • Mobile office for parents & children
  • Recreation room for nursing mothers
  • Support of childcare (German website!)
Last update: 21. November 2022