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On the right is the filming team with camera and director. On the left, Harald Lesch stands in the centre, around him the light and camera are adjusted. One end of the refractor is visible in the background.

August 2020 shooting for "Terra X" in the Great Refractor.

Credit: AIP/ M. Krumpe

Here you can find current press releases, online resources, events, examples for the AIP in the media, visitor information and an image gallery. Dates and event information can be found in the AIP calendar.

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Online resources

Additional to opportunities to visit, interested parties can here gain virtual insights into research at the institute, its history and the telescopes and instruments connected to the AIP worldwide.

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In the virtual lecture series Babelsberg Starry Nights AIP scientists present exciting topics in astrophysics (in German).

X-ray image with point sources in shades of blue and green against a dark background. A blue ring is visible in the centre around a blue point source.


Latest press releases and news from the institute

Frontal view. People sitting on a wall in the entrance area of the Einstein Tower on a sunny day or are going inside.

Public Events

Information on events in which the AIP participates or which we organize; for latest dates see news and calendar as well as the Babelsberger Sternennächte


AIP in the Media

A selection of current and freely accessible articles, radio reports and broadcasts featuring AIP members.

The Great Refractor from the outside on a sunny day. Side view. The slit of the white dome is opened, the trees cast shadows on the clinker brick building.

Great Refractor and Einstein Tower

Information about the visiting the two historical instruments on the Telegrafenberg

A group of schoolgirls, visible from behind, walk through the large wooden door of the Humboldthaus. One of its two white side domes is visible. The house itself is overgrown with ivy.

For Schools

Activities for schools, including guided tours of the campus and lectures by scientists as well as information on the Girls' Day/Zukunftstag Brandenburg

Logo for the "Knowledge Creates" campaign. A poster template with the colourful words diversity, progress, future, understanding, jobs, curiosity, intangibleness under the campaign title.

Knowledge creates

The joint campaign with the German Electron Synchrotron DESY in Zeuthen and the Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau aims at illustrating the value of free science and its social responsibility.

The Babelsberg research campus.On the left, the Schwarzschildhaus with its glass façade and peaked roof; on the right, the historic metal-domed building of the library.  In the background, the white main dome of the Humboldthaus is visible through trees.


A small image gallery of the AIP buildings.

The logo of the AIP can be found here: AIP logo.

The AIP participated in a variety of events and formats for the Science Year 2023 - Our Universe. More at our Science Year 2023 subpage.

Last update: 10. June 2024