Research Infrastructure


Technical Section creates the instrumental prerequisites for astrophysical research in close cooperation with the scientific sections.

Credit: ESO/Y. Beletsky

The Project Management (PM) section is a recently-established unit at AIP. It was formed in early 2017 by consolidating members of the 4MOST project office into a new section project management area. The group currently consists of 8 members and receives support from student assistants. Tasks include project- and consortium management, controlling, systems engineering, product assurance, and instrument science. The section is currently focused on the AIP-led project 4MOST. PM is responsible for all areas of 4MOST project management, coordinating the consortium of more than 350 members at 25 institutes worldwide.

Credit: AIP

The eight employees of the IT department ensure reliable operation for about 200 workstations at the Research Campus Babelsberg and for a significant part of the IT infrastructure.

Addresses you can use in case of problems

If you have problems or questions regarding IT services of the AIP, please contact us using the email address

If you have problems sending emails to the AIP, please contact the Postmaster.

In case of suspicion of abuse or disturbing activities originating from computers of the AIP please contact this address:


The scientific library is the central service department for research information and documentation for the personnel working at the AIP as well as guests from outside the institute. Its main task is to provide advanced services for science and research, tailored to the needs of its users.

Last update: 14. May 2024