Guest Access

Terms of usage for the guest access to the AIP network

The AIP provides a guest access to its network for guests and members of foreign institutions which are temporaerily in the AIP and need access to the Internet to fulfill their business tasks. The SSID of the wireless network for this purpose is: AIP-GUESTS.

This wireless network is not encrypted, you have to take care to submit your data over a secure connection by your own (e.g. by use of a SSL/TLS connection). By connecting to the Internet you accept these terms of usage.

Precondition for the use of the guest access is provision of a guest voucher which can be requested at the reception desk or from the secretaries as well as the IT-Service. The vouchers are valid for a limited amount of time and entitle you to access the Internet and services the AIP is providing for general use in the Internet. You are not entitled to access AIP-internal services unless you own a special permission to do so via VPN or the AIP login gateway.

Misuse of the guest access, like:

  • access to systems or services you don't have permission for
  • provision of content which is protected by intellectual property and you don't own a license for
  • misuse of protocols or services as well as privision of services which claim to be other services
  • probing of access control mechanisms or security facilities of partners on the internet
  • excessive use of resources of the network or servers in terms of the amount of data transported or stored or the amount of parallel connections at the same time

are not permitted and entitle the AIP to terminate your voucher.

The AIP reserves the right to block acces to certain services in the Internet for security reasons.

The AIP will store your name, email address and home institution only for the purpose of providing this service and will not further disclose this information unless required for the provision of the service.

Last update: 12. November 2020