AIP Accounts

In order to use IT ressources of the AIP, you need a user account. This account can be requested using this application form. The form is password-secured, please ask your tutor or group leader for the access data.

Your tutor or group leader should provide you with all necessary data, especially the name of the department you will be working with. If available, please enter also the name of the linux workstation you will be working at.

It's important that you enter all necessary data, so we can provide your account as fast as possible.

We distinguish between the following account types

  • central AIP Account - provides access to
    • centrally managed Linux workstations
    • VPN
    • W-LAN (AIP-EMP, eduroam)
    • Windows computers within the domain astrophysik
    • Printing system
  • E-Mail - acces to the E-Mail system of the AIP
    • In case you need only an e-mail account, please de-select all other choices in the account application form.
  • Data Access Service - access to the AIP private Cloud Servic
  • Compute cluster access
  • other IT services of the AIP like CoLab and GitLab

Please note the following tips

  • You can enter further information (e.g. software whishes) into the "Annotation" field.
  • If you need access to special systems not listed in the form, please select "Other" in the "Requested access" section and provide detailed information what kind of access do you need.
  • Your credentials, the password in particular, are confidential data and should not be passed on to any other person!
  • Please be sure you have read and understood the Terms of Use.

Password management

  • When we provide access to some systems for the first time, an initial password will be set. We will send you information about this password and how to change it.
  • The password should contain at least 8 characters. Strong passwords use a mix of letters, digits and non-alphanumeric characters.
  • If you want to change your windows password , please use this page. Your user name should be entered in the form astrophysik\YourUserName.

Instructions for changing the Linux password

If you want to change your Linux password, please log in with your Linux login data via SSH to "". Then please follow the further instructions that are displayed in the terminal when you log in.

If you have Questions, please send us an email to or call our hotline at 555!

Last update: 16. May 2023