Cloud Server

The AIP operates a private cloud-server, called Data Access System (DAS) for the data exchange with external or internal collaborators.


Users without an AIP account need to apply for such an account and mark the field for "Data Access Service". If you are an external collaborator with no contractual relation to the AIP you will need a contact person at the AIP. Please enter the name of that contact person in the field "Supervisor".

If you have already an AIP account, please check the box "Data Access Service" in the Application Form for Additional Acces and submit the form. The usage policy for this service is described here.


Accessing and exchanging data is possible via the web interface ( and via the NextCloud client (freely available:

Because of instability and the risk of data loss, WebDavFS is not supported explicitly.


DAS functionality is enhanced by several extensions, e.g.:

  • External Storage (ssfs)
  • Two factor authentification (TOTP)
  • Calendar/Contacts


  • Directories controlled by versioning systems (Git, Subversion etc.) should not be synchronised to the DAS server. Commits might lead to high load both on the client and the server as well as to conflicts.
  • Please select carefully, which directory should be synched. We do not recommend to synchronize the whole Home or User directory. These might contain OS-specific "hidden" files, synchronizing them to another system might cause trouble. Please check also the recommended settings concerning "hidden" files.

A presentation on this cloud service from 7. July 2020 can be found here: presentation slidesrecording.

Last update: 30. June 2021