Digital Certificates

In cooperation with the Deutsches Forschungsnetz DFN, we provide digital certificates for user and systems (user and server certificates). These certificates could be used to sign mails or electronic documents, to encrypt electronic communication and the like.

User Certificates

Members of the AIP with valid mail addresses "" can apply for a certificate using the DFN web pages. Please fill in the application form very carefully and pay attentation to the hints in the form. E. g., names should not contain Umlaute, these have to be transcribed ("ä" --> "ae" etc.). Academic titles can be part of the certificate only if they are mentioned in your passport or ID card. Please go through the applicateion process and print the resulting page.

To accept an application, we have to identify the applicant in person. Please visit the IT support in the Schwarzschildhaus for that purpose and provide the printed application as well as a valid ID document (passport, ID card).

Server Certificates

For this type of certificates, you have to create a pair of private and public keys. From this pair, you can create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR). Please send this CSR to Do not include the private key into the message!

We will prepare the application form, for the final step you have to come to the IT service in person.

Last update: 19. January 2022