Video and Web conferences

Video and web conferences are of increasing importance for collaboration at the AIP and beyond. We from the department IT-Service are supporting multiple systems:

  • The DFNconf Service, provided by the Deutsches Forschungsnetz DFN (German research network)
  • AIP-internal Webconference system BigBlueButton
  • Central administered accounts for the commercial web conference service Zoom

Please contact us if you plan to host a web conference with one of the services named above and don't have any access to these systems yet.

For many events a computer or mobile device equipped with a microphone and a speaker, respectively a headset and a camera is sufficient. For some systems (e.g. Pexip, LifeSize, Zoom) the installation of a software client is recommended. Please contact us via e-mail to if the installation of such a software client is needed on a centrally administered computer. For browser based web conferenced we do recommend the web browser "Google Chrome".

Regarding hybrid events with use of a meeting room we do provide the necessary hardware:

  • Standalone video conference systems
  • Conference telephones
  • Camera and audio combination devices for web conferences

Hints for web conference hosts

The web conference host has a special responsibility for organizing and carrying out an event. Especially he or she should make sure that the data protection rules are followed and that no unauthorized persons can access the web conference. Recording a web conference requires the agreement of every participant and this agreement needs to be documented. Depending on the system used the host takes up his role by authentication at the system (BigBlueButton, Zoom) or by entering a PIN when joining the web conference (DFNconf). The conference host can configure various security settings. We do recommend using a "waiting room" from which participants need to be anually authorized to join the conference and also setting a passcode for every event.

Hints for participants of video- and web conferences

Standalone video conference systems

You need to dial the H.323 conference number at the video conference system in order to participate.

Example of an H.323 conference number: +49 030 200979XXXXX

Conference telephones

When joining a meeting with a conference telephone you also need to dial the conference number. You can join meetings with your workplace telephone and also your mobile phone.

Example of a telephone conference number: +49 030 200979XXXXX

Web conferences

Participants do also carry responsibility for the success and the correct execution of a web conference. Besides needing to have a suitable software client or web browser installed on your device you also need to have basic knowledge on how to work with a web conference.

If you get invited into a web conference please take into account our "assessment of third party services regarding data protection and IT security" in the intranet pages of the AIP.

We do recommends the web browser "Google Chrome" for web conferences, because it mostly supports the used video and audio codecs well.

Last update: 11. January 2021