Public events

Please note that the public events of AIP take place at two different locations and that they are usually held in German language. To see more details about these events, such as specific dates, please have a look at our German website.



Starry Nights in Babelsberg: a monthly public talk in German, if possible followed by a look at the sky through our telescopes at the research campus Babelsberg. Upcoming dates:


17 October 2019 | "Knowledge of the sky": Astronomy in Alexander von Humboldt's Kosmos lectures (Christian Thomas)


21 November 2019 | Other worlds: A tour of the exoplanet zoo (Prof. Dr. Katja Poppenhäger)


19 December 2019 | What can "green peas" tell us about the first galaxies? (Dr. Genoveva Micheva)


16 January 2020 | Dark matter and the dance of the dwarf galaxies (Dr. Marcel Pawlowski)


20 February 2020 | eROSITA and the new image of the x-ray sky (Dr. Axel Schwope)


+++ CANCELED +++

19 March 2020 | Small stars, big eruptions: About the strangeness of the Sun's younger siblings (Ekaterina Ilin)


+++ CANCELED +++

16 April 2020 | Close to the Sun: The European space mission Solar Orbiter (Dr. Alexander Warmuth)




Observation with the Great Refractor: the public is invited to take a look through this historical giant lens telescope.

Upcoming dates for this event:

9 December 2019

8 January 2020

6 March 2020 +++ CANCELED +++

2 April 2020 +++ CANCELED +++


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