Public events

Please note that the public events of AIP take place at two different locations and that they are usually held in German language. To see more details about these events, such as specific dates, please have a look at our German website.



Starry Nights in Babelsberg: monthly: a public German talk, if the sky is clear followed by a look at the sky through our telescopes at the research campus Babelsberg. Upcoming dates:


17 January 2019 | Where does the Milky Way lead? (Prof. Dr. Matthias Steinmetz)


21 February 2019 | Cosmic Roommates: The search for life in the Universe (Prof. Dr. Klaus Strassmeier)


21 March 2019 | Facets of the sun: filaments in different colors (Andrea Diercke)


18. April 2019 | The cosmic time machine: What the light of distant galaxies tells us (Prof. Dr. Lutz Wisotzki)


Observation with the Great Refractor: in winter only: the public is invited to take a look through this historical giant lens telescope.
Upcoming dates for this event:
14 March 2019

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