SDW2022 Proceedings

The Scientific Detector Workshop 2022 (SDW2022) was be held from 4th September to 9th September, 2022, at the Telegrafenberg Campus of the Leibniz-Institute for Astrophysics Potsdam, Germany.

The 7th installment of a successful series of workshops brought together scientists and engineers who develop, produce, implement and operate the most advanced imaging sensors used in scientific instrumentation. The focus is given to the fields of astronomy and earth sciences.

The proceedings are peer-reviewed and published as a feature issue of the Astronomische Nachrichten / Astronomical Notes (AN)


Astronomische Nachrichten / Astronomical Notes (AN)

Articles of SDW2022 Proceedings

  1. Teledyne's high-performance 4 K × 4 K infrared detectorsZandian, M., Piquette, E., Farris, M., Edwall, D., Daraselia, M., Holland, E., Fisher, L., Ives, D., Gygax, J., Bennett, C., Waczynskib, A., Corrales, L., Auyeung, J., Carmody, M., Nguyen, C., & Beletic, J. W., Astronomische Nachrichten, e20230058.
  2. Infrared detectors for first generation extremely large telescope instruments and their characterization program. Bezawada, N., George, E., Ives, D., Alvarez, D., Serra, B., Mehrgan, L., Müller, E., Haug, M., Leveratto, S., Pfuhl, O., Guzman, R., Guidolin, I., Jost, A., Popovic, D., Moins, C., Klein, B., Conzelmann, R., Accardo, M., & Brinkmann, M., Astronomische Nachrichten, e20230061.
  3. Ultra wide-field infrared astronomy in Antarctica. Travouillon, T., Smith, R. M., Fucik, J., Figer, D. F., Kasliwal, M., Moore, A. M., & Guillot, T., Astronomische Nachrichten, e20230063.
  4. Electro-optical performance of the large visible adaptive optics sensor module. Hopgood, J., Astronomische Nachrichten, e20230068.
  5. Upgrades to W. M. Keck observatory detector systems. Alvarez, C., Kassis, M., Greffe, T., Smith, R., Baril, M., Campbell, R., Gomez, P., Kirby, E., Mawet, D., Roberts, M., Weber, R., Hale, D., Cavalieri, D., Holewczynski, J., Smous, J., Kwok, S., Chan, D., & Dahler, M., Astronomische Nachrichten,
  6. Characterization of the STA1600 CCD for the high-resolution spectrograph PEPSI. Ilyin, I., Astronomische Nachrichten, e20230059.
  7. A detailed infrared detectors systems overview of MOONS VLT instrument. Álvarez, D., Ives, D., George, E. M., Reyes, J., Bezawada, N., Serra, B., Iwert, O., Mueller, E., Conzelmann, R., & Geimer, C., Astronomische Nachrichten, e20230064.
  8. Infrared detectors enable spectacular infrared astronomy. Rieke, G., Astronomische Nachrichten, e20230065.
  9. A brief history of image sensors in the optical. Roth, M. M., Astronomische Nachrichten, e20230066.
  10. Scientific detector workshop 2022 on-sky performance verification of near-infrared e−APD technology for wavefront sensing and demonstration of e−APD pixel performance to improve the sensitivity of large science focal planes. Finger, G., Eisenhauer, F., Genzel, R., Mandla, C., Baker, I., Alvarez, D., Amorim, A., Brandner, W., Dupuy, C., Deen, C., Ives, D., Mehrgan, L., Meyer, M., Perraut, K., Perrin, G., Stegmeier, J., Straubmeier, C., Weller, H. J., & Isgar, V., Astronomische Nachrichten, e20230069.
  11. Controlling and monitoring ESO test benches with PYMONT. Serra, B., George, E. M., & Alvarez, D., Astronomische Nachrichten, e20230080.
  12. Fully depleted charge-coupled device design and technology development. Holland, S. E.,  Astronomische Nachrichten, e20230072.
  13. The Potsdam arrayed waveguide spectrograph: A demonstrator of a cross-dispersed integrated photonic spectrograph developed for the astronomical H-band. Hernandez, E., Günther, A., Stoll, A., Bauer, M., Vješnica, S., Madhav, K., & Roth, M. M., Astronomische Nachrichten, e20230076.
  14. New opportunities for astronomical imaging systems. Mackay, C., Astronomische Nachrichten, e20230104.
  15. Status of the science instruments and their detector plans at the giant Magellan telescope. Rahmer, G. A., & Millan-Gabet, R., Astronomische Nachrichten, e20230079.
  16. Pixel source follower glow in HxRG detector. Pichon, T., & Boucher, L., Astronomische Nachrichten, e20230102.
  17. PAWS and POCO: NIR Astrophotonic Instruments for Astronomy. Madhav, K., Günther, A., Hernandez, E., Bodenmüller, D., Stoll, A., Sandin, C., Yıldırım, H. A., & Roth, M. M., Astronomische Nachrichten, e20230089.
  18. Evaluating the GeoSnap 13-μm cutoff HgCdTe detector for mid-IR ground-based astronomy. Leisenring, J. M., Atkinson, D., Bowens, R., Douence, V., Hoffmann, W. F., Meyer, M. R., Auyeung, J., Beletic, J., Cabrera, M. S., Greenbaum, A. Z., Hinz, P., Ives, D., Forrest, W. J., McMurtry, C. W., Pipher, J. L., & Viges, E., Astronomische Nachrichten, e20230103.
  19. The Maunakea Spectroscopic Explorer: Thousands of fibers, infinite possibilities. Sheinis, A., Barden, S. C., & Sobeck, J.,  Astronomische Nachrichten, e20230108.
  20. Detector system challenges of the wide-field spectroscopic survey telescope (WST). Bacon, R., Roth, M. M., Amico, P., & Hernandez, E., Astronomische Nachrichten, e20230117.
  21. Characterization of a C-RED One camera for astrophotonical applications. Vješnica, S., Hernandez, E., Madhav, K., & Roth, M. M., Astronomische Nachrichten, e20230124.
  22. W. M. Keck Observatory Instrumentation Status and Future Direction. Marc Kassis, Steven L. Allen, Carlos Alverez, Ashley Baker, Ravinder K. Banyal, Robert Bertz, Charles Beichman, Aaron Brown, Matthew Brown, Kevin Bundy, Sylvain Cetre, Jason Chin, Mark R. Chun, Jeff Cooke, Jacques Delorme, William Deich, Richard G. Dekany, Mark Devenot, Greg Doppmann, Jerry Edelstein, Michael P. Fitzgerald, Jason R. Fucik, Maodong Gao, Steve Gibson, Peter R. Gillingham, Percy Gomez, Colby Gottschalk, Sam Halverson, Grant Hill, Philip Hinz, Bradford P. Holden, Andrew W. Howard, Tucker Jones, Nemanja Jovanovic, Evan Kirby, Shanti Krishnan, Renate Kupke, Kyle Lanclos, James E. Larkin, Stephanie D. Leifer, Hilton A. Lewis, Scott Lilley, Jessica R. Lu, James E. Lyke, Nicholas MacDonald, Christopher Martin, John Mather, Mateusz Matuszewski, Dimitri Mawetc, Ben McCarney, Rosalie McGurk, Eduardo Marin, Maxwell A. Millar-Blanchaer, Craig Nance, Reston B. Nash, James D. Neill, John M. O’Meara, Eliad Peretz, Claire Poppett, Quinn Konopacky, Matthew V. Radovan, Sam Ragland, Kodi Rider, Mitsuko Roberts, Connie Rockosi, Arpita Roy, Ryan Rubenzahl, Stephanie Sallum, Dale Sandford, Maureen Savage, Boqiang Shen, Sunil Simha, Andy J. Skemer, Charles C. Steidel, Deno Stelter, Avinash Surendran, James Thorne, Josh Walawender, Kyle B. Westfall, Peter Wizinowich, Kerry Vahala, Shelley Wright, Truman Wold, Sherry Yeh, Astronomische Nachrichten, e20230088.

coming soon...

  • Solid State Curved Focal Plane Arrays Realized with Simple Approaches for Compact and High Performance Optical Systems. Shouleh Nikzad, Michael E. Hoenk, Todd J. Jones, Paul von Allmen
  • Teledyne Imaging Sensors’ Recent Contributions to Astronomy, Earth Science, and Planetary Science. James W. Beletic, John Auyeung, Jianmei Pan, Liz Corrales, Meghan Dorn, Devraj Mitra, Mark Farris, Majid Zandian, Eric Piquette, Liz Rangel, Anders Petersen, Aristo Yulius, Yibin Bai, and Sid Bhargava
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