Ballistische Messkammer at Cerro Armazones, Chile
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The newly built dome housing the BMK10k telescope. In the back, Cerro Armazones is visibly, the future home of ESO's E-ELT.

Credit: AIP

BMK10k is a robotic wide-field telescope with a FOV of 50 square degrees to support the PLATO mission.

In autumn 2019, the BMK (German: Ballistische Messkammer) reached its final destination at Cerro Murphy, in immediate vicinity of Cerro Armazones, home of the future E-ELT of ESO. Within the next three years, it will perform an extensive survey of the PLATO South field. Being as large as 2250°² , even the BMK with its field-of-view of slightly more than 50°² will need some 50 pointings to cover the entire PLATO field. Still, building on the robotic software in use for more than a decade at STELLA, we are convinced to achieve a once-per night coverage of the entire field during optimal visibility.

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Telescope Control and Robotics, Cosmic Magnetic Fields, Technical Section, Stellar Activity
Last update: 22. November 2021