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Today, the publication of research data plays an important role in astronomy and astrophysics. Dedicated surveys like RAVE or massive simulations like Millennium and MultiDark from the start plan to release their data for the community. But also individual scientific projects strive to publish their data since it is regarded as a key requirement by the funding agencies. Web sites are used as entry point to the publication of the data. Most of the web sites are tailor made for the particular case and are therefore not easily transferable to future projects.

At AIP we gained experience with both the maintenance and the development of such applications. It became, however, apparent that the amount and the complexity of the applications constitutes a major challenge for maintenance expenses and scalability. In order to address these issues, we developed the Daiquiri framework, which is particularly designed to allow for different highly customizable web applications based on a common easily maintainable code base.

Since 2013, Daiquiri has enabled researchers from all over the world to access data from the RAVE survey, the APPLAUSE database or the CosmoSim - the cosmological simulations database. Daiquiri features built-in API using Virtual Observatory standards. A OAI-PMH interface is available as well for registering the data to the Virtual Observatory as for management of DOI metadata.

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Supercomputing and E-Science
Last update: 10. December 2021