GAlaxy MApping at Calar Alto
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The Galaxy Mapper Instrument at Calar Alto (GAMAICA) is a proposed integral field spectrograph for the 3.5 m telescope of the Centro Astronomico Hispano-Aleman (CAHA) on Calar Alto.

GAMAICA will have a unique combination of field of view (1 arcmin2) and angular resolution (1") at large wavelength coverage in the northern sky.

Science / key observing programmes

The GAMAICA instrument will be used to perform the Galaxy Mapping at Calar Alto (GAMACA) survey.

Observation will concentrate on two unique objects in the northern sky: The Andromeda galaxy (M31) is

the only galaxy of similar mass to the Milky Way that is close enough to resolve it on scales of a few

parsec. In M31 the structures of star forming regions will be studied, the main drivers for galaxy winds

diagnosed, and the chemo-dynamical history of M31 characterized in unprecedented detail. The Virgo

cluster is the closest galaxy cluster. Here, a detailed study of the interaction between the hot intracluster

medium within the cluster and the interstellar medium inside galaxies is planned.

AIP contributions

AIP is a co-PI institute for the development of GAMAICA. Our main partner for this project is the Instituto

de Astrofísica de Andalucía (IAA) in Granada. AIP will lead the development of the spectrographs and

detector systems and will also provide expert advice on the fibre and focal surface systems. In addition,

AIP has a particular interest in the survey of M31 / Andromeda galaxy.

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Last update: 29. June 2023