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The Research Data Management Organiser (RDMO) is a software that enables institutions and researchers to structure, plan and carry out the research data management of their projects over the entire data life cycle. RDMO was designed and developed as a free software at the AIP as part of the RDMO project, which went through two funding phases. Both project phases have now ended and RDMO has been transferred from project status to an open working community. During the whole project, special attention was paid to building up a lively community in which people can exchange ideas with each other in order to continuously improve RDMO based on the diverse needs of the working group members.

The use of RDMO in various contexts, be it in projects (ZB-Med), or in universities or university cooperations (Essen/Duisburg/Dortmund), in DFG special research areas (Siegen), in institutes (IPK Gatersleben), in FoDaKo and HefDi as regional associations shows that RDMO has already been well received and a user community has formed. The AIP continues to be strongly involved in this community and, together with many other institutions, is driving forward the development of the software. AIP is also operating the Demo instance of RDMO

Funding: DFG, 270561467


KIT Library, Fachhoschule Potsdam, Arbeitsgemeinschaft RDMO

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Supercomputing and E-Science
Last update: 17. February 2021