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Kristin Riebe | Publications


Publications in refereed journals

  • Riebe, Kristin et al., 2013:  "The MultiDark Database: Release of the Bolshoi and MultiDark cosmological simulations", AN, 334, 691
  • Warnick, Kristin; Knebe, Alexander; Power, Chris, 04/2008: "The tidal streams of disrupting subhaloes in cosmological dark matter haloes", MNRAS, 385, 1859
  • Warnick, Kristin; Knebe, Alexander, 07/2006: "The sense of rotation of subhaloes in cosmological dark matter haloes", MNRAS, 369, 1253
  • Cattaneo, A.; Mamon, G. A.; Warnick, K.; Knebe, A, 09/2011: "How do galaxies acquire their mass?", A&A, 533A, 5C


Other Publications

  • Riebe, Kristin, 07/2009: "Subhalos and their tidal debris in cosmoslogical simulations", Ph.D. thesis, Faculty of Physics, University of Potsdam, Germany
  • Warnick, Kristin, 01/2009: "Kosmischer Tanz", Astronomie + Raumfahrt Nr. 1/2009, Heft "Himmelsmechanik", Friedrich Verlag
  • Warnick, Kristin, 10/2004: "Dynamics and evolution of satellite galaxies in dark matter haloes", Diploma Thesis, Faculty of Physics and Astronomy, Astronomisches Rechen-Institut Heidelberg, Germany
  • Warnick, Kristin; Just, Andreas, 08/1004: "Dynamics and Evolution of Satellite Galaxies in Dark Matter Halos", Abstract for AG-Meeting, ANS, 325, 128
  • Bahr, Benjamin; Resag, Jörg; Riebe, Kristin, 10/2013: : "Faszinierende Physik",  book, Springer Spektrum
  • Ocvirk, Pierre et al. 09/2010: "Bayesian tools for the analysis of the spectra of galaxies and their stellar populations", ADA Conference proceedings, ada, confE, 31O