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Dr. Roelof de Jong



I am the head of the Milky Way and Local Volume research group at the AIP. My team is involved in the RAVE, SEGUE, APOGEE, Gaia-ESO, and GHOSTS surveys, and develops software for the Gaia space mission. Others group members find the nearest and coolest T-dwarfs, search for the most massive stars known to mankind, or determine distances to Cepheid stars. My group furthermore develops chemical, dynamical, and cosmological models of galaxies to be compared with data in the local Universe. My personal research concentrates on nearby galaxies and the Milky Way; their structure, stellar and dust content, and the distribution of mass within them, and putting these measurements in the context hierarchical galaxy formation models. I am also Principal Investigator of 4MOST, a wide-field, high-multiplex, fiber-fed spectroscopic facility being developed for ESO's VISTA telescope.