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Dr. Sydney Barnes


My work is aimed at achieving a dynamical understanding of low mass stars like the Sun (`cool stars'), their rotation, and the origins of their magnetism and their activity. My mentors and friends have developed methods to derive the ages of old stars, especially those in clusters, and I have helped develop a method of deriving the ages of younger ones (on the 'main sequence'), including those that are no longer in clusters (called field stars in the jargon). I hope to contribute meaningfully to the eventual construction of a `Chronology of the Galaxy' using this method, called `gyrochronology,' a technique which provides ages of individual (cool, main sequence) stars from their measured rotation periods and masses (or any suitable proxy such as color).

Specialties: Observational, theoretical, and computational investigations of the evolution of cool stars, in clusters and in the field, especially of stellar rotation, magnetic activity, and stellar ages. Development of `gyrochronology' and (classical and rotational) isochrones, connections to convection, fluid dynamics, magnetohydrodynamics, asteroseismology, and dynamical aspects of stellar evolution.