All papers with data obtained partly or exclusively with the STELLA instruments should place the following sentence as a footnote to the paper title (words in parentheses may be left out, depending on circumstances).

Based (partly) on data obtained with the STELLA robotic telescopes in Tenerife, an AIP facility jointly operated by AIP and IAC.


Reference to the observatory as a whole:

Strassmeier, K.G., Granzer, T., Weber, M., et al.,  2004, AN 325, 527

Strassmeier, K.G., Granzer, T., & Weber, M., 2010, Adv. in Astr. 2010, p. 19


Reference to SES and its data reduction:

Weber, M., Granzer, T., & Strassmeier, K.G., 2012, Proc. SPIE 8451, 84510K


Reference to Robotics:

Granzer, T., 2004, AN, 325, 513