Wide Field STELLA Imaging Photometer (WiFSIP)

Credit: AIP

The Wide Field STELLA Imaging Photometer (WIFSIP) is the large-format CCD imager and photometer for STELLA. It has a usable FOV of 22'x22' at a scale of 0.32"/Pixel. The detector is a single 4096x4096 back-illuminated thinned CCD (15µm pixels) and a peak QE>90% from the University of Arizona ITL. A second version is mounted on RoboTel.

Available filters are Stromgren uvbyHβ, Hα-narrow and wide (4 and 18 nm FWHM), the Sloan-u'g'r'i'z', and the Johnson-Cousins UBVRI set.

Last update: 19. February 2021