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Zeeman-Doppler Imaging is a tomographic technique that allows to reconstruct stellar surface properties of a rotating star by means of spectral and polarimetric observations. The Zeeman-Doppler Imaging code iMap is a simulation and computing platform for the tomographic analysis and characterization of stellar surfaces. iMap is comprised of a library of various scientific computer programs for the computation and modeling of stellar temperature and magnetic field distributions, polarized radiative transfer, magnetic field extrapolation, as well as the reconstruction of surface fields from observed Stokes spectra . iMap is implemented as a software repository that provides program packages for rapid and flexible programming to carry out simulations and analysis tasks like :

  • polarized radiative transfer for local or disk-integrated stellar spectra,
  • simulation of various surface magnetic field and temperature distributions,
  • decomposition of surface magnetic fields with spherical harmonics,
  • inversion of phase-resolved Stokes spectra with different optimization strategies,
  • magnetic (tomographic) mapping of stellar surfaces,
  • temperature mapping of stellar surfaces,
  • magnetic field extrapolation,
  • line profile analysis and reconstruction with covariance analysis methods,
  • magnetic field estimation with sparse-signal approximations techniques,
  • machine learning methods for the calculation of stellar spectra.

Involved AIP sections and groups:

Stellar Physics and Exoplanets, Stellar Activity
Last update: 10. February 2021