E-Science Projects

German Astrophysical Virtual Observatory

gavo-logoThe German Astrophysical Virtual Observatory (GAVO) is a BMBF sponsored project for building "Virtual Observatory" platforms to support modern astronomical research in Germany. It is the German contribution to the international activities aiming at the evolution of the global Virtual Observatory (VO) network. The work of the GAVO team aims at providing fast and standardised access to astronomical data archives and related documentation. This also provides the capability to use sophisticated software tools for new studies. The E-Science group at AIP has developed a set of services to the community, such as the Rave DB Query interface, the MultiDark database, and the German SDSS mirror. An overview of all GAVO projects in which the AIP is involved in can be found here.

Virtual Research Environments

Collaborations are the current way of doing efficient science with huge data sets. The data and tools and facilities to analyse and visualise this data have to be co-located. And both data and facilities have to accommodate all participants of collaboration, crossing institutional and sometimes discipline boundaries. VRE are dedicated, customized environments for this task, with huge data storage and customized software and hardware encapsuled by user management through the collaboration. The support of such VRE is a continuation of the works started with the AstroGrid-D project. The E-Science group at AIP currently provides virtual research environments for the CLUES collaboration, the   MUSE project, and the Solar Key Science Project (KSF) of LOFAR.


Digitisation of astronomical photographic Plates

There are about 85000 plates in the archives of Hamburger Sternwarte, Dr. Karl Remeis-Sternwarte Bamberg, and Leibniz-Institut für Astrophysik Potsdam (AIP). The plates are being digitized with high-resolution flatbed scanners. In addition, the corresponding plate envelopes and observation logbooks are digitized, and further metadata are captured.  An archive of all digitsed plates is build and published at AIP. This DFG funded project is a collaboration of Sternwarte Bamberg, Sternwarte Hamburg and AIP. The APPLAUSE database has two data Releases, visit www.plate-archive.org


The project aims to develop a tool to support the planning of the research data management. In addition, the tool will create a textual data management plan. Funded by DFG (LIS)


Former projects

Virtual Data Center

The Virtual Data Center (VDZ) is a continuation of efforts which started with the AstroGrid-D project. With the VDZ (funded by BMBF 2010-2012), AIP is continuing the support for maintaining and creating publicly accessible scientific data sets, such as the German SDSS mirror, developing  databases for publication of  cosmologial simulation data, developing data management concepts and plans for e.g. the MUSE collaboration, building parallel pipelining facilities for the RAVE survey, and testing new implementations for distributed file system and storage facilities. Especially the development of DAIQUIRI was supported by the VDZ. More can be found here.

Succes Criteria for VRE

A DFG funded study, done by a collaboration of  AIP,  SUB Goettingen and TU Dortmund  was successfully finished in 2015.


radieschen-logoThe storage and organisation of research data and the corresponding preparation and curation is not only a necessary part of good scientific practice, but also opens the possibility for the usage of the data by other scientists. This constitutes a significant challenge for data-intensive sciences like astrophysics. The aim of the DFG funded project Rahmenbedingungen einer disziplinübergreifenden Forschungsdateninfrastruktur (Radieschen)€  (2011-2013) is consequently the development of a roadmap with recommendations for a general infrastructure for research data. The AIP is part of this project and responsible for work package 3, (organisational structures).


wissgrid-logoAs a D-Grid project (funded by BMBF until 02/2012) WissGrid's objective is to establish long-term organisational and technical D-Grid structures for the academic world. WissGrid combines the heterogeneous needs from a variety of scientific disciplines and develops concepts for the long-term sustainable use of the organisational and technical grid infrastructure. To that purpose, it focuses on three important aspects: business plans for academic grid projects, blueprints for new community grids, and long term preservation of research data. The AIP is member of WissGrid and leader of work package 2.


gacg-logoThe German Astronomy Community Grid was a joint project of many major German astronomical research institutes as well as computer science groups and high-performance computing centres * (funded by BMBF until 2009) . The AstroGrid-D will combine resources of computing power, data storage and special hardware and will simplify access and scientific use. The AIP E-Science group is in overall charge of the still maintained AstroGrid-D services, especially managing the VO Astronomy. In addition, we maintain the storage server astrodata01.gac-grid.org - astrodata10.gac-grid.org. These machines provide 92 TB of storage to the D-Grid.