Research data

The AIP publishes research data from scientific projects and collaborations with other institutes on the following websites.

The publication of research data is becoming more and more important in order to ensure the traceability of research results on the one hand and on the other hand to derive the greatest possible benefit from the data, which is often obtained at great expense.
The data published by AIP is stamped with DOI (Digital Object Identifier) making the data citable and easily findable, using the resolving service of DataCite. AIP is memeber of the German Data Cite Consortium.

Published data collections of AIP are registered at .

Henrietta Leavitt

AIP Cepheids database

AIP Cepheids database

AIP sections/groups: Supercomputing and E-Science


Close AGN Reference Survey (CARS) data release

Category: Spectroscopy
Projects: MUSE, Daiquiri
Website: (public)