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Research Career

  • January 2016:  Staff Scientist cosmology group (with tenure), Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics Potsdam (AIP)
  • October 2016 - April 2017: Acting group head, Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics Potsdam (AIP)
  • since April 2017: Deputy head of group, Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics Potsdam (AIP)
  • October 2010 - January 2016 (with parental leave): DFG "Eigene Stelle" Post doc, (AIP)
  • October 2008 - October 2010: Minerva Postdoctoral Research Fellow (funded by the Minerva foundation, AIP)
  • October 2007 - October 2008: Golda Meir Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Hebrew University
  • January 2003 - January  2008: Phd in PhysicsDurham University (with  Carlos S. Frenk  and  Shaun Cole )
  • September 2001 - July 2002: Masters in Mathematics University of Cambridge (Part III, Masters Thesis with Ofer Lahav)
  • September 1999 - July 2001: in Theoretical Physics, University College London (Thesis with Mitch Berger)
  • September 1997 - January 1999:  TV and Film Production, New York University (dropped out)

Press and Mass Media

• Scientific American, "Our place in the cosmos", popular article with R B Tully, July 2016

• RTL/Sat1 DCTP Kultur Magazin, TV interview by Alexander Kluge,  aired 03/2016

• NHK Cosmic Fronts, TV interview and scientific consultant, aired 01/2016

• Märckishe Allgemeine Zeitung Profile: “Weit gereist und viel rumgekommen”, Gerald Dietz, 06/01/2016

• Science Latest News: “The most likely spots for life in the Milky Way”, Ramin Skibba 10/12/2015

• Nature Research Highlight : “Planes of satellites and the cosmic web, Nature Physics, 11, 620

• RTL/Sat1 DCTP Kultur Magazin, TV interview by Alexander Kluge, to be aired 01/2016

• NHK Cosmic Fronts, TV interview and scientific consultant, aired 01/2016

• TRT World, TV interview on New Horizons mission to Pluto. 14/7/2015

• Where Magazin, My perfect day. Interview and portrait. 06/2015,

• Jüdische Algemeine, Galaxienähneln Menschen. Interview and portrait. 19/03/2015

• Scientific American, Dwarf Galaxies and the Dark Web, popular article. 18/02/2014,

• Nature documentary debating with Prof David Gross and Prof Robert Laughlin. 09/2012 Confronting the Cosmos

• Deutsche Welle, Tomorrow Today, studio guest 25/04/2011 studio-guest-dr-noam-libeskind-tomorrow-today tech

• Die Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung, Potsdams Kosmologen simulieren ganze Galaxien. story on our groups work. 27/06/2009. Galaxien-Aus-einer-Sonne.html

•; Galactic pancake mystery solved Article on my work, 07/04/2005

• BBC television; Interview on The Sky at Night. Program 629, ”Eye on the Universe”. NBH V 902T/71 Aired during May 2005

• Science; quoted in The Hunt for Stealth Galaxies Robert Irion, Vol 308, 20 May 2005

Publication List (as of January 2017)

(Published, accepted or in press)

51. B Kubik, N I Libeskind , A Knebe, Y Hoffman, H M Courtois, Universal Accretion in Warm and Cold Dark Matter , 2016 MNRAS Accepted

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45b N I Libeskind  & R. B. Tully Laniakea: Unsere Kosmische Zuhause in einer neuen Kartografie des Weltalls , Spektrum der Wissenschaft (November 2016) Cover Story

45c N I Libeskind & R. B. Tully Il Nostro posto nel cosmo , Le Scienze , 577, (September 2016) Cover Story

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